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Unlimited data - SIM Cards

Pick up at the airport

Stay Safe, Stay Connected

  • Never miss important messages
  • Easily meet friends in unknown places
  • Last minute searching
  • Never be lost with maps

Getting lost can be scary, especially if you don't know Korean.

Stay safe & secure by staying connected..

mobile and simcard

Reserving a SIM Card vs Getting a SIM at Store When You Land


  • Pay only $24.95
  • Get Unlimited Data
  • Use The Fastest Internet 4G (LTE)
  • Get on KT — Korea’s Most Trusted Telecommunications Company
  • Quick & Easy Pick Up
  • Access Full-time English Support


  • Pay $30 ($5.05 extra!)
  • Get Only 1 Gig Data
  • Use 10 Year old Technology (3G)
  • Use an unknown convenience store brand
  • Annoying paperwork & wait times
  • Be left in the dark with support


Unlimited Data
High Speed

- Get on the fastest internet in the world

- Use your favorite apps for messages, voice calls and video calls:

WhatsApp, Skype, Line, KakaoTalk, WeChat

Always Stay Connected

- 99.89% coverage throughout Seoul
- Use in subways
in elevators
on top of mountains

- On Korea’s #1
Service Provider - KT Olleh

Easy & Quick Installation

- Step 1: Turn phone off
- Step 2: Insert Sim Card
- Step 3: Turn phone back on

(Staff at pick up can help!)

Pick up at the Airport

- Seoul: Incheon Airport
Gimpo Airport
Hongik University Station

- Busan: Gimhae Airport

- Jeju: Jeju International Airport

Use Your Own Phone

- Don't lose your existing contacts

- Don't waste time downloading apps


Purchase Process

  • 100% Money-back Guarantee -- Your Purchase is Completely Safe

  • No Questions Asked -- You’ll receive 100% your money back.

  • Cancel your Trip or Change Your Mind -- until the day before your reservation date

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