Garosugil/Sinsa – Seoulistic


Introduction: About Garosu-gil/Sinsa, Seoul

Even though the name Garosu-gil actually means “tree-lined,” it’s hard to remember that the famous street even has trees on them (except, of course, when the stinky gingko nuts start to fall in the autumn) and that the real name of this street is Dosandaero 13-gil. Made iconic from Korean dramas and K-pop songs, the reputation of Garosu-gil dates back to the 1980s when an influx of art galleries began to populate the neighborhood.

Since then, it’s gone from being Korea’s hidden fashion spot to being Korea’s top tourist attraction for international trendsetters. Instagramming yourself with shopping bags full of the latest couture or at one of Garosu-gil’s atmospheric cafes is a must when you’re in this neighborhood, and you won’t even have to worry about sticking out with the selfie sticks!

Turned off by the crowds of tourists and want to feel like a local? Dying to find a place that’s more about the coffee than about being seen? Here’s a pro-tip: check out Garosu-gil’s side streets and you’ll find that there are still pockets of quiet available in this hot spot.


How to get to Garosu-gil/Sinsa, Seoul

a) How to get to Garosu-gil/Sinsa, Seoul from Incheon International Airport (or Gimpo Airport)

The easiest way to get to the Hongdae from Incheon International Airport (or even Gimpo Airport) is by the Airport express train (ARX). It stops at Hongik University Station, which has transfers to Line 2 and the Gyeonui Jungang Line.

  • SubwayTake the AREX to the last stop, Seoul Station. Transfer at Seoul Station to the subway for Line 4. (There is no direct connection. You need to get out of Seoul Station, walk across the train line to the subway line.) Take Line 4 to Chungmuro Station, transfer to Line 3 for Sinsa Station.
  • Airport BusesNo 6006, 6009
  • TaxiDepending on traffic and tolls, your bill will come out to approximately 60,000 won. (1 hour)

Subway Stations

Sinsa Station, Line 3 (Orange)
  • Exit 1 : Walk straight out of Exit 1 and you will immediately be greeted with Lotte Cinema.
  • Exit 2, 3&4 : These exits will lead you towards Nonhyun Station and away from the main Sinsa area.
  • Exit 5&6 : These exits will take you on an indirect path towards Han River Park.
  • o Exit 7&8 : A straight walk out of these exits will lead you towards the main Garosu-gil entrance. (Exit 8 is slightly closer to Garosu-gil than Exit 7).

Popular Buses : 145, 148, 441, 542, 4212, 3030

Tip : The Sinsa bus stations (No. 22-015 and No. 22-016) are actually located in between Sinsa and Nonhyun Stations. Although it might take you longer to walk to those stations from Garosu-gil, they can take you north of the Han River in minutes and are a great option especially if there’s no traffic (15 minutes to Itaewon, 20 minutes to Myeongdong). However, avoid taking this bus route during rush time and on weekend nights.


Where to stay in Garosu-gil/Sinsa

Although hotels and Airbnbs in this area charge slightly more for its location, guesthouses and hostels in this neighborhood are a great deal. Catering more towards women, there are dozens of clean and modern guesthouses available at great prices. If you stay in Garosu-gil, you are in walking distance to several great restaurants and just a bus ride away to the Gangbuk area.

Hotel La Casa Seoul Price : $ 117

Casamia, the developers of Hotel La Casa, is actually a home furnishings company. So as you can expect, the hotel rooms are beautifully designed and furnished with smart and purposeful furniture. The hotel is located in the back alleys of Garosugil where you can find high-end restaurants, boutique shops and cute cafes. It’s a 10 minute walk to Sinsa Station, but there are plenty of busses that will take you to every corner of the city.

  • Best for couples/ families
  • Boutique hotel
  • Notable interior design

Hotel Foreheal Price : $ 78

Hotel Foreheal is a new hotel built in 2015 with clean rooms and a central location. I’d recommend getting the family triple for a reasonable price. It’s walkable to both the main Garosugil area as well as the Gangnam Station area (around 15 minutes), and a 5 minute walk to Nonhyeon Station (Line 7).

  • Best for couples/ families/ friends
  • Spa and massage services
  • Outdoor garden

Dormy Inn Premium Seoul Garosugil Price : $ 129

Located right outside Sinsa Station, the Dormy-inn Premium Seoul Garosu-gil is a popular hotel for guests looking to enjoy the luxuries of the neighborhood. Now only is the main Garosu-gil street only a five minute walk away, there is a notable spa and sauna within the hotel if you’re looking to unwind from a hard day’s work of shopping. Additionally, the breakfast here is a much higher quality than many hotels of this price range.

  • Best for solo travelers/ friends/ couples
  • Spa and sauna available
  • Excellent breakfast
  • Central location

PandaGo Guesthouse – Women’s only guesthouse

This women-only guesthouse is located in a small residential home close to the Garosu-gil area. There are dormitory rooms available for women traveling alone as well as double and triple rooms for friends traveling together. Meticulously clean and well-reviewed, PandaGo Guesthouse is a top pick for women traveling to Seoul.

  • Best for female travelers/ friends
  • Female-only guesthouse
  • Great on a budget
  • Well-designed space

Garosu Stay

Located right off of Garosu-gil, The Garosu Stay is a small guesthouse with both female-only and mixed-sex dormitory rooms. There is also a large common room with a television where guests can interact with one another as well as a dining space and kitchen. Breakfast is served every morning.

  • Best for solo travelers/friends
  • Great on a budget
  • Well-designed space

Jenna Suite Gangnam Guesthouse Price : $ 21

Jenna Suite is an affordable guesthouse right in the heart of the Garosugil area. The guesthouse itself is surrounded by cafes and restaurants and is a short walk away from all the boutique shops that have made this area so famous. Stay here for the great price and convenient location.

  • Best for solo travelers/ friends/ couples/ families
  • Great on a budget
  • Excellent hospitality


Where to eat

The Jjukkumi

If you’re a fan of jjukkumi or spicy grilled baby octopus, The Jjukumi is once place you can’t miss. Here, the jjukkumi is pan-cooked in extra hot sauce and can be served with thick slices of pork. Wrap the baby octopus in your choice of lettuce wrap with a slice of garlic and voila–an explosion of flavors on your tongue! A serving for two isn’t super filling, but add fried rice after your meal and you won’t be leaving hungry.

  • Address : Seoul Gangnam-daero 152-gil Gangnam-gu 69
  • Price : ₩12,000 ~ 14,000
  • Phone Number : 02-541-4628
  • Subway Station: Sinsa(Line 3)


One of the most famous fried chicken eateries in all of Seoul, Hanchu is loved for its extra crispy Korean fried chicken as well as its lively atmosphere. (The interior is nothing fancy, but there’s an old charm about that, too.) On any given night of the week, it’s a popular hangout for chimec (chicken and beer, duh) and loyal fans of the joint also swear by the fried peppers.

  • Address : Seoul Nonhyeon-ro 175-gil Gangnam-gu 68
  • Price : ₩15,000 ~ 17,000
  • Phone Number : 02-541-0969
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong(Line 3)


Tired of Korean barbecue restaurants where you’re stuffing your jacket into a plastic bag and chasing down a waiter to take your order? Despite the fact that Gaehwaok does serve meat, it’s nowhere near the idea of a typical Korean barbecue restaurant. It combines the aesthetic of fine dining and provides quality cuts of meat at reasonable prices. Sure, it’s not as cheap as the average corner BBQ joint that serves unlimited meat for 10,000 won, but you can probably choose Gaehwaok on a special night out before or after a black tie affair without breaking the bank.

  • Address : Seoul Nonhyeon-ro 175-gil Gangnam-gu 63
  • Price : ₩18,000 ~ 79,000
  • Phone Number : 0507-1408-1459
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong(Line 3)

Mokpo Jip

Named after a coastal city in Korea’s South Jeolla Province, many of the offerings at Mokpo Jip are seafood based–and many of those seafood offerings aren’t bad. However, the main sought-after dish here is by far the spicy, steamed chicken stew (dalkdoritang). Served in generous portions, the chicken in the stew is more tender than any other that Seoul has seen. It’s also spicier than many other dalkdoritang restaurants in Seoul, so if you can’t handle the heat, ask for some hot water (따뜻한 물) to put into the pot. A longtime favorite in the neighborhood, don’t be surprised to find long lines during weekends here. Note: There are two locations. The 2nd location is across the street a few meters down. The second only has 3 food items on the menu, but the spicy chicken stew (dalkdoritang) is still some of the best in Seoul. Here’s a map to the second location: google maps.

  • Address : Seoul Gangnam-daero 152-gil Gangnam-gu 24
  • Price : ₩18,000 ~ 20,000
  • Phone Number : 02-549-5119
  • Subway Station: Sinsa Station (Line 3)

Tofu Factory

Despite the fact that tofu is so often touted as one of Korea’s miracle foods; fresh, quality tofu is impossibly difficult to find here in Seoul. One place that you will be able to find many variations of it is at Tofu Factory. Here, the popular dish to order is the soondubu-jiggae or the soft tofu stew. With your choice of spice level and meat, the bubbling soup dish will have you drooling before you take your first bite.

  • Address : 대한민국 Seoul Gangnam-daero 160-gil Gangnam-gu 21
  • Price : ₩15,000 ~ 30,000
  • Phone Number : 02-6339-3646
  • Subway Station: Sinsa(Line 3)

Mom’s Hands Restaurant

Mom’s Hands Restaurant (엄마손맛집). Of course, no one can cook as well as your mom can and that saying is propagated in Korea as much as any other country. At Mom’s Hands Restaurant, the hearty and wholesome food is meant to recall the simple, made with love dishes many Koreans are used to eating at home. Samgyeopsal (pork) and dakbokkeum (marinated, fried chicken) are offered as shareable mains, but feel free to order any of the meals for one. You won’t be disappointed!

  • Address : Seoul Nonhyeon-ro 175-gil Gangnam-gu 68
  • Phone Number : 02-543-1239
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong(Line 3)

Shinsao Gopchang

Shinsao Gopchang (신사소곱창). Even if you enter thinking that grilled intestine is not for you, this restaurant might change your mind. Serving meaty, chewy cuts of gopchang (grilled intestine) over a barbecue fire, you’ll find that having this cut of meat isn’t that much different in taste than your favorite Korean barbecue. Try the “intestine-made dish” and get a sample of all that the restaurant has to offer–you might even find that the eclectically textured abomasum is your favorite. (Or not! But it’s worth a try!)

  • Address : Seoul Apgujeong-ro 2-gil Gangnam-gu 62
  • Price : ₩13,900 ~ 15,900
  • Phone Number : 02-515-9931
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong(Line 3)


Opened in 2011, Ryunique currently places 27th on Asia’s Best 50 Restaurants–a prestigious list complied by William Reed Business Media. Owned by Chef Ryu Tae-hwan who often talks about his father as inspiration for the restaurant’s opening, the food served here is a creative fusion of Japanese-French. Colorful, aesthetic dishes should be expected as well as high prices.

  • Address : 40, Gangnam-daero 162-gil, Seoul
  • Phone Number : 0507-1436-9279
  • Subway Station: Sinsa(Line 3)

Ganjang Gejang Alley

There is a love-it or hate-it attitude when it comes to people and their ganjang gejang (crabs marinated in soy sauce). However, there are enough fans of the dish that it’s gotten a small street of its own. Called the Gangjang Gejang alley, Sinbanpo-ro 47-gil is lined with restaurants that specialize in this dish as well as agwijjim (braised monkfish). Since very few tourists endeavor to be so adventurous, there is a heavy locals-only vibe these restaurants. Portions rarely come for one so come with a friend or come ready to eat!

  • Address : Sinbanpo-ro 47-gil, Seoul, South Korea
  • Subway Station: Sinsa(Line 3)


Best Bars in Garosugil/Sinsa

Although Garosu-gil is not necessarily an area well-known for bar hopping, there is plenty of alcoholic fun to be had in this neighborhood if you look in the right places. Unless you’re incredibly lightweight, chances are you probably won’t get drunk on the one or two drinks you’ll be ordering on Garosu-gil– it’s really not the kind of neighborhood where you get smashed, but you are welcome to try…

Art C Collection Lounge

For a neighborhood that’s obscenely trendy, it’s surprisingly difficult to find anything other than a pocha or an izakaya in the ten-minute radius of Garosu-gil. And if you’re looking for a cool, atmospheric place to have a cocktail–Art C Collection Lounge is just that. A 3-story venue that serves coffee and tea on the first and second floors, the basement where the lounge is located is adorned with experimental artwork. The bar serves a variety of delicious cocktails, but an Instagram favorite is the Rose cocktail which comes covered in real rose petals.

  • Address : 33, Apgujeong-ro 10-gil, Seoul, South Korea
  • Phone Number : 0507-1437-0050
  • Subway Station: Sinsa(Line 3)

Mikkeller Bar

The first official Mikkeller bar to open in Korea, some locals can remember a time when a Mikkeller beer cost you 20,000 won a bottle–if you could even find it. Originally from Copenhagen, the brand is well loved in Europe for its gypsy brewing and recognized by beer lovers all over the world. For a local variation, try the North Korea inspired beer called the Taedonggang.

  • Address : Seoul Dosan-daero 17-gil Gangnam-gu 33
  • Phone Number : 070-4231-4723
  • Subway Station: Sinsa(Line 3)

Izakaya Negi

Izakaya Negi (네기). Although izakayas once dominate all of Garosu-gil’s sidestreets, many of the less successful venues have closed down as the street’s property values increased. One izakaya to emerge, however, is Japanese Dining Negi. Offering fresh cuts of sashimi as well as various kinds of sake, soju and beer, the Japanese-style bar is loved for its food as much as it is for its ambiance and alcohol.

  • Address : Seoul Gangnam-daero 152-gil Gangnam-gu 67
  • Phone Number : 02-512-0803
  • Subway Station: Sinsa(Line 3)

Wine Bar Petate

Wine Bar Petate (페타테). Although the wine scene in Korea has improved drastically in the past ten years, a decent wine bar in this city is still a rare find. At Petate, not only is there an excellent assortment of wines, you can take your pick of single-malt whiskeys and cocktails to boot.

  • Address : Seoul Apgujeong-ro 14-gil Gangnam-gu 32
  • Phone Number : 02-516-3342
  • Subway Station: Sinsa(Line 3)


Best Cafes in Garosugil/Sinsa

If you’re wondering why the price of coffee in this neighborhood is so high, it’s because you’re not just paying for the imported beans¬–you’re paying to sit for hours. The cafes in this neighborhood aren’t necessarily great for getting take-out and walking around but they are great for when you want to take a break and people watch.

Fika Swedish Coffee Break

Borrowing from the Swedish word “to have coffee,” Fika is a 3-story café just off the Garosu-gil main street. Easily recognizable with its bright blue exterior reminiscent of the Swedish flag, you’ll find some Swedish pastries as well as Swedish foods such as meatballs and pancakes. The coffee here uses Lindvall coffee beans, which is the same supply sent to the Swedish Royal House. Also, for those who don’t drink coffee, they have non-caffeinated herbal drinks with pleasant flavors such as rosemary, basil and parsley. The space is a very comfortable venue with three floors, which makes it ideal for doing work and just spreading your wings, away from an overcrowded Starbucks. On weekends, the space is sometimes rented out as a party venue strangely enough.

  • Address : Seoul Apgujeong-ro 14-gil Gangnam-gu 30
  • Phone Number : 02-511-7355
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong Station (Line 3)

Independent Coffee

One of the most loved cafes in the Garosu-gil area, Independent Coffee combines plush leather seating with exposed brick walls. Allowing for plenty of sunlight, this is a great café to head to during the weekday when there might not be as many people. The espresso is quite delicious but no comparison to the popular, calorie-rich granita con panna.

  • Address : Seoul Gangnam-daero 162-gil Gangnam-gu 27-16
  • Phone Number : 02-543-7584
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong(Line 3)

Kafe Kolbalt

One of the coziest cafes in the Garosu-gil area, Kafe Kobalt is one of the few spots where you can have an intimate conversation in the neighborhood. The low lighting and the stacks of magazines make it a comfortable space to chat with a friend for hours.

  • Address : Seoul Gangnam-daero 160-gil Gangnam-gu 35-5
  • Phone Number : 02-3443-1513
  • Subway Station: Sinsa(Line 3)


If you’re picky about your coffee and prefer a good brew to nice atmosphere, Ikovox might be your best bet in the Sinsa area. Here, you can decide how light or dark you’d like your coffee and drink it whilst admiring the café’s simple interior adorned with school furniture. Coffee snobs rave about the espresso here at the same time commenting on how easy good espresso can be made–especially if you’ve got the beans right there.

  • Address : Seoul Apgujeong-ro 10-gil Gangnam-gu 37
  • Phone Number : 02-545-2010
  • Subway Station: Sinsa(Line 3)

La Eskimo

Located right on the main Garosu-gil street, La Eskimo is a second-floor establishment that serves a variety of juices, teas and coffee. While the beverages are slightly overpriced and quite average in taste, the intimate air about the café still makes it worth visiting.

  • Address : Seoul Apgujeong-ro 12-gil Gangnam-gu 27
  • Phone Number : 02-512-9244
  • Subway Station: Sinsa(Line 3)


Best Dessert Shops in Garosugil/Sinsa

Can’t resist something sweet to go with your coffee? The Sinsa area is a great place to be if you’ve got a sweet tooth and the desserts are also beautiful enough to boot!

Deux Cremes

Although the name of the restaurant is French for “two creams,” the establishment itself doesn’t entirely focus on French desserts.  You can buy slices of cake in-store or take home a whole cake (for quite the hefty price tag.) Their desserts change seasonally due to the quality of fruits that are available–but it also means that whatever you’re ordering will be super fresh.

  • Address : 대한민국 Seoul Dosan-daero 15-gil Gangnam-gu, 45
  • Phone Number : 02-545-7931
  • Subway Station: Sinsa(Line 3)


If you’re visiting Korea and dying to make your friends back home jealous, be sure to head to Sona where they serve up some of the most aesthetically pleasing desserts in town. The menu ranges from a variety of chocolaty classics to more adventurous options like the Frozen Goat Cheese.

  • Address : Seoul Gangnam-daero 162-gil Gangnam-gu Sinsa-dong 40
  • Phone Number : 02-515-3246
  • Subway Station: Sinsa(Line 3)

Il Gelato

Opened up by an Italian-Korean couple, this gelateria serves 20 different kinds of gelato with flavors ranging from special, classic and fruit. Those looking to fuse in Korean flavors into the Italian dessert can order the injeolmi (Korean rice cake) or the sesame flavors and those looking for more traditional choices can opt for one of the rich, chocolaty flavors.

  • Address : 61, Gangnam-gu, Nonhyeon-ro 175-gil, Seoul
  • Phone Number : 02-511-1177
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong(Line 3)

Dore Dore (Thank You Cakes)

If you’re a dessert fan and you’re familiar with Seoul, chances are that you’ve already seen dozens of these rainbow cake imitations. The interior of the cake available at this brand was so popular that a slew copycats have begun to emerge in the past two years. And although the Sinsa branch isn’t the brand’s original location, it has definitely been a favorite throughout the years. Check it out for yourself and decide if it’s worth the hype.

  • Address : Seoul Dosan-daero 15-gil Gangnam-gu 40
  • Phone Number : 02-540-4553
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong(Line 3)


Beauty Services in Garosugil/Sinsa

If you’re being attentive, you’ll notice hundreds of beautification clinics all over the Sinsa area– the Gangnam area is sometimes even called the plastic surgery capital of the world. Everything from jaw shaving and breast implants is available here, but in truth, if you’re looking for information about that, you’re better off searching in-depth about each individual clinic.
Additionally, there are other high-quality beautification services you can get here in Sinsa for great prices. (For Korea, the Gangnam prices are some of the most expensive, but it still may much cheaper than your home country.) Designer hair salons, skin clinics that specialize in botox and filler, nail salons (that also do eyelash extensions) as well as eyebrow tattoos and threading are just some of the services that you can receive here.


Best Places to Shop in Garosugil/Sinsa

Steve J & Yoni P

One of the most well-recognized Korean designer brands, Steve J and Yoni P opened up their Garosu-gil flagship store to much praise. With styles that range from outrageous to casual, the denim line is particularly loved. From the window display outside to tasteful interior, Steve J and Yoni P is definitely worth checking out.

  • Address : 45, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Gangnam-daero 160-gil, Seoul
  • Phone Number : 070-7730-4567
  • Subway Station: Apgujeong(Line 3)

Pleasure Lab

The second location of this female-focused sex-shop, Pleasure Lab might not necessarily offer the best prices for their goods (compared to many Western countries), but they are definitely a shop worth supporting. With bright lighting and friendly smiles, Pleasure Lab is the only chain in Korea to focus on female pleasure. Open-minded and fluent in English, the women of Pleasure Lab are quick to answer any questions you might have about sex in general and about products in Korea.

  • Address : Seoul Dosan-daero 13-gil Gangnam-gu 10, 3F
  • Phone Number : 02-516-0610
  • Subway Station: Sinsa(Line 3)


Korean fashion is all the rage in Asia and that’s more apparent in Garosu-gil more so than anywhere else in Seoul. How do you know which shop to head to? Indiband is a great option for women looking for stylish clothing at reasonable prices. This Indibrand in particular has three separate levels. Outwear, jeans, tops and skirts are available in the colors that are trending right now as well as accessories and handbags.

  • Address : 115, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Dosan-daero, Seoul
  • Phone Number : 1899-4551
  • Subway Station: Sinsa(Line 3)

Soil Baker

For those looking to buy souvenirs whilst visiting Seoul, the Korean china available at the markets might look especially tempting. Ironically enough, however, many market goods are made in China and it may be difficult to buy domestically crafted Korean ceramics. Providing an answer to that is Soil Baker. Here you’ll find a variety of Korean chopsticks, bowls, plates and other kitchen accessories that have been produced locally. The designs are beautiful and the quality is much higher than what you might find elsewhere.

  • Address : 36, Gangnam-gu, Gangnam-daero 162-gil, Seoul
  • Phone Number : 02-537-0808
  • Subway Station: Sinsa(Line 3)

Line Store

A popular destination in the Garosu-gil area, the Line Store carries goods with your favorite Line characters on them. Large dolls of the characters are also here for your photo-taking pleasure. This branch might be a bit busier than the others, but the people-watching is just one part of the fun!

  • Address : Seoul Dosan-daero 13-gil Gangnam-gu 27
  • Phone Number : 02-3448-1764
  • Subway Station: Sinsa(Line 3)

Perche Shoes

While it may be tempting to buy 10,000 won ballet flats in the subway, you should be aware that they can easily fall apart within a matter of weeks. At Perche Shoes, you’ll find similarly stylish shoes at slightly higher prices but they can last you for years–making it a much better value. The store is used to walk-ins and tourists so feel free to ask to try them on!

  • Address : Seoul Gangnam-gu Sinsa-dong 535-21
  • Price : ₩49,000
  • Phone Number : 02-542-8542
  • Subway Station: Sinsa(Line 3)


Simone Handbag Museum

Stirring up a lot of sensation, Travel CNN called this museum “every boyfriend’s worst nightmare.” However, it’s a museum that targets the stereotypically superficial only. With over 300 bags on display (many of them of historical importance), one can come here and genuinely appreciates the decades of changes that the handbag has gone through.

  • Address : 17, Sinsa-dong, Dosan-daero 13-gil, Seoul
  • Subway Station: Sinsa(Line 3)



Are the clubs within walking distance of Garosu-gil the best ones? Perhaps not. But if you’re factoring in the trouble of getting a taxi home to your Sinsa-abode then, it’s really not so bad to be somewhere nearby and party without worrying how to get home.

Club Bound

Located right next to Sinsa Station, Club Bound is one club that can definitely fill your need to dance while you’re in Seoul. With a more intimate dance space than many of the mega clubs in the Gangnam area, it’s much easier to meet people at this club (and dually much harder to get rid of someone as well). If you are staying near Garosu-gil, one great aspect is that you’ll be able to walk right home.

  • Address : 114, Nonhyeon 1(il)-dong, Gangnam-gu, Dosan-daero, Seoul
  • Phone Number : 010-5022-1182
  • Subway Station: Sinsa(Line 3)

Club Arena

If you’re coming to Club Arena, you’re coming to church. This exclusive club in Gangnam will show you how to party. It’s a well-known club, but still has that gritty local, underground club feel to it. It’s an experience totally different than the polished clubs and lounges in Itaewon, or the international scene of Itaewon. This is a true locals club where it stays open into the AM hours (closing at 11AM). One of the reasons Club Arena has become one of the most popular clubs in Seoul amongst locals is because of the pretty girls. The owner of the club also owns a KTV (karaoke) in Gangnam with many beautiful hostesses who end up at Club Arena after work hours. And because of the slightly underbelly-world feel, they like to keep it exclusive to true locals who are in the know. That’s why many non-Koreans are often barred at the doors by bouncers. Most of the time, you won’t be able to enter if you’re not with a group of Koreans. Oh, yea and dress code is pretty strict here, so you won’t be able to get in if you’re dressed like a bum.

  • Address : Seoul Gangnam-daero Gangnam-gu Nonhyeon 1(il)-dong 588
  • Phone Number : 010-9534-5352
  • Subway Station: Sinsa Station (Line 3)