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Open Studio PC-bang by afreecaTV

About PC Bang

PC Bang are Korea’s version of internet cafes. But don’t be confused by the innocuous “internet cafe” translation. Korea’s obsession with online gaming ensures every PC Bang has large screens, high speed CPUs and graphics cards with the fastest internet speeds. You’ll find groups of friends playing shooting up rival clans across the room.

About Open Studio PC-bang by afreecaTV

afreecaTV is a popular live video streaming service in Korea, with plenty of gamers who love to chat it up while they kill some bad guys. These gaming channels are so popular that afreecaTV decided to open a PC Bang so that content creators can stream their shows live in right in the unfortunately named BJ room (BJ is a Korean term for “broadcast jockey”). The computers here are high-end, and the space more refined that your neighborhood PC Bang. It’s clearly one of the best PC Bangs in Seoul.


To purchase some screen time, you’ll need to buy a ticket at the vending machine with the appropriate amount of time. Use the number on the ticket at your chose computer and the timer starts!

Operating Hours:
24 hours
Membership Price: 1,000 won for 50 mins
5,000 won for 5 hrs
10,000 won for 11 hrs
20,000 won for 22.5 hrs
Phone Number:
79, Wausan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Subway Station:
Hongik Univ. Station (Line 2, Airport Railroad, Gyeongui Jungang)