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Hansin Pocha (Nonhyeon)

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While Hansin Pocha has exploded in popularity and is now a national chain bar, the original is the Nonhyeon location, one of the oldest and most famous of any of the modern pocha bars (abbreviated for pojangmacha – Korean-style tent bars). This Gangnam bar is probably one of the main reasons why the entire area around it exploded in pocha bars. This bar in particular is most famous for being a Korean-style college singles bar, where groups of men invite groups of women with bottles of soju in hand to play drinking games. But that’s not the reason its exploded as a national chain. Instead, come here for their famous, extra-spicy chicken feet (dalkbal – 닭발), which will kill that soju aftertaste with some fire. Their scorched rice stew (nureungjitang – 누릉지탕) is a non-spicy alternative to helping you ground yourself while drinking. Actually, all the food here is perfect for a pairing with some alcohol. Come here to fill up, drink up, and score some new drinking friends.

Type of Bar:
Pocha (Korean Tent Bar)
Operating Hours:
6PM - 9AM
10,000 won - 20,000 won per dish
Phone Number:
182-29, Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul, South Korea
Subway Station:
Sinnonhyeon Station (Line 9)

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