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47th Street Tea House

Photo Credit: hyghhu

(47번가 찻집)

A large beautifully renovated hanok tea café located right in the heart of Insadong, this Insadong tea house has indoor-floor seating for those seeking a traditional experience of what tea houses in Korea were like in the old days. This is especially great if you’re there on a cold winter day and want to feel the warmth on your tush. But if sitting on the floor isn’t too easy for you, they have modern seating with tables and seats as well. One of the best seats in the entire tea house is at the front entrance where there’s a room with open air windows you can sit apart from the rest of the customers. The tea that is served here is handmade and everything from the red beans in the summer desserts are prepared in-house. They also serve other traditional Korean snacks such as rice cake (tteok). It’s a great place to come and relax after a long day of shopping and after a filling meal.

Operating Hours:
10AM - 11PM
7,000 won
Phone Number:
47-9, Insadong-gil, Seoul, South Korea
Subway Station:
Anguk Station (Line 3)

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