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Meerkat Friends (Meerkat Cafe)

Photo cred: Ryu

Meerkat Friends is probably the most unique theme cafe in Hongdae. It brings the African savanna straight to us with cute little meerkats constantly on the look out for predators that may be roaming. What predators you ask? Well the cafe does have a resident arctic fox, genet and raccoon. The three of these predators are pretty sleepy though and leave the meerkats alone. They’re inside a big glass pen that acts as their environment anyway. If you wait long enough, you’ll be allowed into the glass pen and you can sit and play with the meerkats as well.


Operating Hours:
12:30PM - 10PM
8,000won - 10,000won
Phone Number:
19-12, Wausan-ro 21-gil, Seoul, South Korea
Subway Station:
Hongik University Station (Line 2, Airport Express, Gyeongui Jungang Line)

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