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Cheonggyecheon Stream

Cheonggyecheon Stream is one of the nicest urban reclamation projects of Seoul. In the old days, this was a stream that brought in water from the mountains, which eventually fed into the Han River. The space, however, was abused and used as a dumping area filled with garbage and human waste. When it got bad enough, the government covered it up and used the area as a highway. But eventually the city of Seoul wanted to see the area return to its past glory as a natural stream that cut through the middle of the city. After years of construction, Cheonggyecheon Stream has become one of the most beautiful urban spaces of Seoul.

It’s a great place to take a coffee, juice or beer and just sit by the stream and chat it up. Come here during the summer months and you’ll see children frolicking in stream, couples gazing at each other whispering sweet nothings, friends laughing up a storm, and musicians busking in the background. And if you’re feeling a bit more active, walk down the stream from the starting point (Gwanghwamun), and walk all the way down to Dongdaemun (it’s strictly a walking path). And if you just want to sit and relax, you might be able to catch a fountain light show.

Tip: It’s most crowded at the Cheonggyechon Steam Plaza. Walk further down for fewer crowds.

Tip 2: It’s most beautiful in early evening when the dusk is setting and the night lights are starting to come in.

* Free guided walking tours at Cheonggyecheon Stream is provided by the Seoul Tourism Organization. Please visit their website for reservation.

* The Propose Wall can be a place for those who want to make an unforgettable wedding proposal; after sunset at 6 – 10PM on Wed to Sat from March to December. More details can be found here.

Operating Hours:
24 hours
Phone Number:
14, Seorin-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Subway Station:
City Hall Station (Line 1,2) or Gwanghwamun Station (Line 5)