87mm – Seoulistic


Photo Credit: Klandth

One of the hottest names in Korean fashion is 87mm. Three former models started this label and has seen their fashion featured twice in “Next Generation,” a show for up-and-coming Korean designers as well as Vogue and other fashion media.  Their goal is to create fashion that has “no concept, but good sense,” which leans towards “new wave street culture.” This is manifested in clean-cut and flexible designs with their most famous items being snapbacks and sweatshirts with a simple and urban vibe.

Until recently, their fashion could only been seen at popups, but their store in Hongdae is now their first official venue. The venue itself is a renovated home, with the first floor that has a cafe and their second floor being used as an office. Come here to check out the latest in their fashion, but also just to chill and hang out at the cafe. The shop is right behind Hongdae Children’s Park.

Operating Hours:
1PM - 9PM
Phone Number:
13-15, Hongik-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Subway Station:
Hongik Univ. Station (Line 2, Airport Railroad, Gyeongui Jungang)