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Gilsangsa Temple


Gilsansa was originally a high-end restaurant named Daewongak but was later donated in 1995 to the Venerable Beopjeong (법정스님) who converted it to its present state as a temple. While it has a short history, because its relative proximity to the city center brings many visitors for its cultural space, templestay program and Buddhist classes. For those seeking serenity in the heart of Seoul, the House of Silence and the Gilsang Seowon Zen Center are special halls dedicated to the art of calming the mind through meditation. The House of Silence is open to the general public, but the Gilsang Seowon Zen Center is for Buddhist with experience in meditation. There are also services in English 11AM every Sunday.

* Take the bus Seongbuk 02, 1111 or 2112 from Exit 6 of Hansung University Station

* The Venerable Beopjeong (법정스님) passed away in Gilsangsa Temple on Mar 11, 2010.

Operating Hours:
English Buddhist Service 11AM every Sunday
Phone Number:
68, Seonjam-ro 5-gil, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Subway Station:
Hansung University Station (Line 4)