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Dragon Hill Spa

Dragon Hill Spa is the largest and most famous Korean spa/sauna (jjimjilbang) in Seoul. This multi-level behemoth is a full-day attraction with two-story bathhouses, several themed dry saunas and several public sleeping areas. These are of course excellent and fun at Dragon Hill Spa, but what makes this Korean sauna (jjimjibang) so different than others are the entertainment options in such a huge venue. There are movie showings, an internet cafe for gaming, console gaming, board games, a BB gun shooting range, a swimming pool, a huge arcade, several restaurants and even a gym. If you haven’t been to a Korean sauna yet, it’s a fun day out of health and beauty as well as relaxation for the whole day, and Dragon Hill Spa is widely considered the best jjimjilbang in Seoul.

Operating Hours:
Regular Days (5AM - 8PM): 12,000 won | Weekends & Holidays (5AM - 8PM): 14,000 won | Night: (8PM - 5AM): 15,000 won
Phone Number:
40, Hangang-daero 21na-gil, Seoul, South Korea
Subway Station:
Yongsan Station (Line 1, Gyeongui-Jungang Line)

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