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Majang Meat Market

Photo Credit: Jason Amsden

(마장 축산물시장)

Majang Meat Market supplies many of Seoul’s restaurants with high-quality meat. So instead of getting it secondhand, get it straight from the source for fresher meat and a cheaper price — perfect for carnivores with light wallets. And there’s a fun system to boot. Go to a butcher stall, pick the specific type of meat and cut you want, then bring it over to a restaurant nearby where you can grill to your meat-eating heart’s content for a nominal fee (5,000 won per person). You can of course order some rice, stews and some beverages there as well.

While you can eat cheaper meats, such as pork belly (samgyeopsal – 삼겹살),  the best thing to eat at Majang Meat Market is the higher-end meats. And the best meat you can eat in Korea is hanwoo beef (한우), which is a Korea’s domestic species of beef, akin to wagyu beef in Japan. Because it’s high-end beef, it’s not cheap, but of course you’ll be paying much less than what you would pay in a restaurant. And of course, you’ll get a delicious meal that may very well be highlight of your trip.


Operating Hours:
3AM - 11PM
First and third Sunday each month
510-3, Majang-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Subway Station:
Majang Station (Line 5)