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This is the one must-see for anyone who wants a memorable and powerful experience. There's nothing else like in the world. Only here can you:

      ✓ Step safely into North Korea and back
      ✓ Explore secret North Korean attack tunnels
      ✓ Watch North Korean soldiers with your own eyes
      ✓ Peer into actual North Korean cities

You'll stand at the edge of a warless war zone and experience the tension you see on the news in a safe and controlled environment. It's guaranteed to be the highlight of your trip.



There are two tours: the JSA Tour & DMZ Tour. You can go on them individually or together as a package.

The JOINT SECURITY AREA (JSA) TOUR will give you the unique opportunity to step into North Korea and see the reclusive nation with your own eyes.

The DEMILITARIZED ZONE (DMZ) TOUR will allow you to walk down a secret North Korean attack tunnel and give you the best view of North Korea from the northern most point of the DMZ.

JSA Tour Itinerary

#1 Imjingak Park
(also part of the DMZ tour)

If you have little knowledge or need a bit of a refresher, you'll get a overview of the history and current state of the Korean War here. This park was built in hopes of reunification. North Koreans living in the south come here to pay respects to ancestors across the border.

#2 Camp Bonifas

Named after the U.S. Army captain killed by North Korean soldiers in the "Axe Murder Incident," Camp Bonifas is the entry point into the JSA. Here, you'll get instructions on the safety rules.

#3 Joint Security Area

This is the main attraction of the tour. First you'll see the Freedom House, part of the propaganda war between the two Koreas. Then you'll enter the Conference Room, which is the only place you can enter North Korea and step back safely. Last is the Bridge of No Return, where prisoners of war crossed and were never allowed back.

Special Notes about this tour:

  • Advanced booking is highly recommended. This tour has limited seating and is extremely popular.
  • Reservations must be made at least two days before tour date for security clearance.
  • Children 11 and below are not allowed on the JSA tour.

DMZ Tour Itinerary

#1 Imjingak Park (see left)

#2 Bridge of Freedom

Here you’ll walk across the same bridge that 13,000 soldiers did when they were repatriated back to South Korea.

#3 Infiltration Tunnel

This is the highlight of the tour. Here you can explore a secret war tunnel North Korea dug for a surprise attack on South Korea.

#4 DMZ Theater / Exhibition Hall

This museum and theater will give you the necessary background to fully understand and appreciate the past and current state of the DMZ.

#5 Dora Observatory

This oberservation station allows you to peer into North Korea and see the North Korean city of Gaesong, a North Korean cooperation farm and Kim Il-Sung statue.

#6 Dorasan Station

At the last South Korean station of a rail line that connects the two Koreas, you’ll feel both the hope and frustration of reunification efforts.

  • Tunnel (#3) may be strenuous. Sneakers are highly recommended.

Tour FAQs
  • Entering dangerous territory.
Is the tour safe?

Yes! Thousands of people visit every year without incident.

You'll be given clear instructions by military personnel. As long as you follow the instructions, everything will be ok.

I'm late! I want to go on a tour in 1-2 days. Will there be seats?

It's possible, but it's difficult to give a definite answer without a specific date.

We recommend you book now as that will reserve seats if they're available. If they're unavailable, we guarantee a 100% refund.

*NOTE: Tours to the JSA (Tours 1 & 2) require 48 hours advance booking due to security clearance protocol.

Where will I be picked up / dropped off?

Pick ups are directly at your hotel (Seoul only). Drop offs are at either Itaewon or City Hall.

If you're not staying at a hotel, please e-mail us after booking your tour to arrange a pick-up location.

*JSA Only Tour (Tour 2) does not include direct pickup at hotel but option may be added in check out.

I booked but want to cancel. Can I get a refund?

Yes! Customer who wish to cancel their tours will receive a 100% refund until two days before the date of the tour and 50% one day before the tour.