Korean Age, Why You’re Older in Korea!

There’s something called Korean age, which basically adds one or two more years to your age (like we need it!). A lot of people have a hard time calculating their Korean age, but it’s easy, yo. Check out this video for a super simple Korean age calculator formula :)

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The Korean age system basically adds 1 year (or two years) more than your actual age. Many people don’t know how to calculate their Korean age, but it’s pretty simple. Try this super simple Korean age calculator:

(This year – Your Birth year) + 1 = Your Korean age

(2012 – 1990) + 1 = 23
(2012 – 1982) + 1 = 31

And don’t worry about your birthday. It doesn’t matter if it passes or not. Korean age is calculated by year (not by birthdays)!

What’s your Korean age???

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  1. JonB

    32 – I was born in 1981. Five years is a good difference, right?

    Another great video, you two! Also, good work on the KoreanClass101 side dishes video.

  2. not bad… 😉
    Thanks Jon!

  3. Interesting…. This is a good way to explain to foreign people and the easiest way to count Korean year.
    But, most of my friends are (still?) using Lunar New Year (설날 Seolnal/Seollal) to add one year to their age instead of Solar New Year (1st January) each year.
    Lunar New Year falls on the second new moon after winter solstice, it could be anywhere between January and February. So, people who born on Jan-Feb 1991 is often considered at the same age with people who born on 1990.
    CMIIW :)
    Btw, the next 설날 is on February 10, 2013. 😉

  4. Ah… and one thing, you can’t be one year older before you finish eating your 떡국 (tteokguk). ㅋㅋㅋ

  5. Kaekae

    Actually, the easiest way (for me at least) is before your B-day add 2 years to your age; and after your B-day add 1 year. No “How old are?” “uh give me a second”

  6. MM

    I want to watch the newest videos or pictures !!Plz upload more and more~~~
    this website is knida of energizer for me,I definitely know she’s super cute, really wanna see Keith more often tho:)

  7. I’m 12 years old in Korea :)

  8. Ok! Wow I’m born 1994 at the end of the year makes me 19 😀 OMG but cool in Korea I’m legal here I’m 17 haha :)
    Thanks another awesome video. Keep ’em coming

  9. Your comment…

  10. You guys know why korean age adds 1 or 2 years?? Cuz we calculate our age since we were in mother’s stomach~~ so as soon as we born, we are 1 year old!!

  11. Diana

    so I’m born in December 1989…that makes me 23
    but in Korean age I’m going to be 25 starting with February 10…… the idea of being older doesn’t appeal to me as much as it did when I was little :-< I want to stay young 😛
    p.s. @kay the legal age in Korea is 20 so being 19 means you are still not legal yet

  12. Bobot

    hehehe… i was about to say that Diana! I’m currently into KPOP… and yes 20 yrs old is the legal age! kekeke

  13. rachel

    ok i was born in 1980 – 2013 + 1 = 34 nooooo 4 years makes me old 😉

  14. erna

    my god i’m 22 already…kekeke

  15. mojan.hp

    my korean age is 21 ..

  16. Masha

    my korean age is…. ok I was born in 1998 and now it is 2013 plus 1…. oh I am already 16 😮 here I am only 14

  17. Tricia

    I am 20. i was born 1994.

  18. Your comment…

  19. rose gianne

    Okay, so I was born in 1987, and in Korea my age would be 27 when my actual age is only 25..haha so weird…

  20. Okay…… I was born in 1999…. my actual age is 13, so, it means that my Korean age is 15… Haha! I’ll just accept my actual age, ‘cos I don’t want to become older…

  21. I was born in 1999…. my actual age is 13, so, it means that my Korean age is 15… Haha! I’ll just accept my actual age, ‘cos I don’t want to become older…

  22. sarahi alvarado

    I I’m born in December 1996..and I’m 16 right now so.. 2013 – 1996 = 17+1 = 18..wow I’m soo old!!! I still want to be a kid!!

  23. jina

    hi i was born in 1987 22th june how old i am in korea?

  24. great video.. :)

  25. Cindy

    This is not only in Korea also in China…. -___-“

  26. kitluna

    Im 14 in Korea

  27. Milla

    so, 2014-2000+1 = 15
    im 13 but in korean age im 15. cool! 😀

  28. Michelle

    Apparently I’m 20 already!!!!

  29. Carovanilla

    So my understanding of this is that when you are born, you’re considered 1 year old. Is that right?