Use Naver Maps to Calculate Taxi Fares in Korea

If you’re visiting Korea or are now living in Korea, one of the things you’re always afraid of is Korean taxis ripping you off. Well there’s a simple tool Naver Maps offers that allows anyone to actually know if they’re getting ripped off or not!

Although Naver maps is a commonly used tool by Koreans and foreigners alike, there’s a nice little tidbit of info Naver offers that not everyone notices: Naver will tell you the approximate time and fare of your taxi ride. Of course these are not exact, and these do not account for real-time traffic conditions. But this should give you a general idea of how much your Korean taxi ride will cost!

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Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click on “길찾기” (Find directions)

Step 3: Make sure the car icon is selected.

Step 4: Enter your starting point and destination (must be entered in Korean).

Step 5: Obvious, but not so obvious at the same time, click “길찾기 시작” (start search).

There you have it folks. Approximate prices for your taxi ride in Korea!

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  1. Teh

    I like it , Thanks

  2. dalit

    Does the taxi fare depends on the number of passengers? I mean is it the same fare for me traveling alone or if we are 4 people? Thank you. :)

    • Yup! Same fare for 1 or 4 people :)

  3. nurul


    This one is for taxi…how about fare for subway?? how can I estimate or calculate the subway fare from one place to another?? any suggestion??

    Thanks! =)

  4. Sash

    Nurul, the best place to calculate how much the subway fare is, if you have a smartphone…get the Metroid app. It’s really handy! It shows you a map of the subway system and allows you to type departure and destination stations and even tells you ETA and price. Hope this helps!

  5. Morri

    As a family of 2 adults and 3 children would it be cheaper to catch a taxi than the subway?

  6. How can this be useful for tourists who cannot read and type in korean? Is there an option to switch the app to english language?