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Ilmin Museum of Art

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At the venue of the former Dong-a Ilbo Newspaper building, the Ilmin Museum of Art was established and run by a non-profit that was founded in honor of the former president of Dong-a Ilbo, Kim Sang-man, whose penname, Ilmin, is the museum’s. The art housed in this art museum is based on the news mogul’s private art collection. Now it mainly focuses on domestic Korean art, some of which date back to the Goryeo Dynasty. It also houses a documentary archive on the 4th floor of the building where you can view high quality documentaries with a reservation.

Operating Hours:
11AM - 9PM
Mondays, Seollal (Lunar New Year), Chuseok
5,000 won (4,000 won students)
Phone Number:
139, Jongno-gu, Sejongno, Seoul, South Korea
Subway Station:
Gwangwahmun Station (Line 5)

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