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Funny (but Kind of Perverted?) Things Korean Kids Do!

Kids like to have fun anywhere in the world, and Korea does too. But depending on where you’re from, Korean kids might do a few things that might you wonder if their parents know what they’re doing. Find out what fun (but kind of perverted?) things Korean kids do!

Ice Cakeki (아이스케키)

Young boys around the world have always been known to be curious little things, doing things and going places they shouldn’t. And one of the main targets for curious boys with a penchant for mischief is the underside of a girl’s skirt. And of course this is not unique to Korea, but many little Korean boys will show their curious side by lifting up a little Korean schoolgirl’s skirt to see what’s underneath. There is a bit of comedy in it though as the boys will yell out ‘Ice Cakeki (아이스케키)!’ as they do it. The reason they say that is because ‘Ice Cakeki’ is the old 1950’s name for ice cream popsicles, which are of course ice cold and refreshing. And is there anything more cold and refreshing (angering?) than a wind of cold air into a skirt? This is probably where Korean girls start practicing their Korean ajumma stink eye.


Ddongchim (똥침)

Although this one is also found in other countries, it’s also part of the unique way Korean kids grow up. At any given time of day, you can see someone bending over to tie their shoes or to pick up something off the floor. That’s just a normal scene in any part of the world. But in Korea, it’s dangerous situation if you’re around kids. That’s because when they see a butt hanging in the air, it becomes a bullseye for them. Korean kids will hold both their hands together and point out their two index fingers like they’re in a fake James Bond movie. And with this fake gun (and usually a real mischievous smile), they’ll sneak up behind the innocent target and go straight for the bulls eye, the butt hole. When they miss, it’s more of a surprise than it is pain. But when they get a direct hit on the bullseye, find somewhere to sit and lie down. Make sure to block your butt as well as ddongchim tend to come in waves.

Here’s a cute Korean baby showing his grandfather who’s boss!


Malttukbakgi (말뚝박기)

This is a fun game that both Korean girls and boys play up until high school. In malttukbakgi, there are two teams. Team A has one person stand up against the wall and the rest of the team have all their heads up in someone else’s butt/crotch area (thus the sort of perverted part) to form what looks like a big ol’ horse. Team B then jumps up onto the human horse one by one, each jumping with as much force as possible. If anyone from any team falls to the floor, that team loses. If everyone stays up, then the person against the wall and the person in front will play a game of gawibawibo (rock, scissor, paper) to determine the winner. It’s just a fun a game that Koreans of both gender play. But when many look back, many Koreans wonder why they spent so much of childhood with their heads up someone else’s butt!


What kind of things do kids do in your country? Write a comment! 😀

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  1. Cassandra says:

    I can’t get past the first picture – that is definitely a statue of a kid poking another kid’s butthole. A STATUE of it.
    I don’t even know what to say…I’m torn between “hilarious” and “horrifying”. Hilarifying?

  2. Diana says:

    in Romania we also have malttukbakgi it’s called lapte gros :))))
    and i think it’s common everywhere for little kind to lift skirts

  3. rachel says:

    when i was at shool i did malttukbakgi here is called derrumbe it was fun

  4. kASIM says:

    Malttukbakgi we also play it in our country but the rule are little different. we call it set kudirai(horse) we keep our heads to the sides not down like this. the opposite team will jump everyone should land if they couldn’t they fail. once they mount up they shouldn’t move if they move we win. the leaning team meets failure if it gives up or falls down. the chain shouldn’t be loosened otherwise they fail.(chain=hands around waist)

  5. zarathustra says:

    Congrats, you’ve been plagiarised by Slavoj Zizek 😛

  6. Mko says:

    Korean kids are fucking crazy, I mean what the hell is going on in their minds,in my country if someone poke Another’s butthole,he will sue

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