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Korean Age, Why You’re Older in Korea!

There’s something called Korean age, which basically adds one or two more years to your age (like we need it!). A lot of people have a hard time calculating their Korean age, but it’s easy, yo. Check out this video for a super simple Korean age calculator formula 🙂

The Korean age system basically adds 1 year (or two years) more than your actual age. Many people don’t know how to calculate their Korean age, but it’s pretty simple. Try this super simple Korean age calculator:

(This year – Your Birth year) + 1 = Your Korean age

(2012 – 1990) + 1 = 23
(2012 – 1982) + 1 = 31

And don’t worry about your birthday. It doesn’t matter if it passes or not. Korean age is calculated by year (not by birthdays)!

What’s your Korean age???

Keith Kim is a Korean-American who has been living in Korea for almost a decade. Being in a unique position as both a Korean and a non-Korean, he's put all his experience and knowledge for surviving in Korea in Survival Korean . Read it to learn how you can survive in Korea. Follow him on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.


  1. Soran says:

    LOL I’M 14 IN KOREA I’m currently 11 actually but my b-day comes in a couple of days<3

  2. Alexa says:

    So, if someone was born on 16th May 1993, what Korean age is he/she?

  3. Uqail says:

    I born in22 september 1995 what is my korean age ?

  4. xzd says:

    you just have to add one year to the real age lol

  5. Jenna says:

    Does it makes me 32 after I turned 30 this year in Korean age?

  6. Hugh Mann says:

    Why are ppl so dumb omg

  7. Darbie says:

    I was born at April 9 2003 . What is my Korean age ??

  8. Boi says:

    IM 14, im 12 doe

  9. Non-K-pop-fan says:

    Uh I’m 17 in Korea although im 15???

  10. ME says:

    I’m 19 although I’m 17 I don’t like this who wants to be old

  11. Larke says:

    wait… if i was born on October 23, 2002 should I say +1 or +2…

  12. Georgia says:

    2017-2002+1=16. I would be 16, I’m only 14 right now. My birthday is in September btw…

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  14. Emily says:

    So if I was born in 2001 Then what age am I?

  15. fight me, i'm an angry brit says:

    here is a simple guide on how i, and other people who can read and do simple maths, have broken down this article to work out our k ages:
    (current year) – (birth year) +1 = k age

    if you read the article, which i’m sure would lead to the same understanding i have gathered, it DOES NOT MATTER what month or date you were born on

    in conclusion; learn to read and realise your 1 in 365(or 366) day of the year does not matter to koreans

  16. lollybae says:

    i am korean and i think this article is wrong.
    it is not just +1.
    if your birthday passed this year then +2
    if your birthday doesn’t pass yet then +1
    for example, if you were born in 1993, your age is 23 or 24 right? your korean age is 25.
    here’s how to calculate.
    if your birthday passed this year (like march 10th), your age is 24 right? then +1. 24+1= 25 years old
    if your birthday doesn’t pass yet (like november 5th), your age is 23 right? then +2. 23+2= 25 years old.
    in korea, age is getting old when turning to next year.
    and when a baby is born, he/she is 1 year old.
    so when you are born in 1993,
    1993 1 year
    1994 2 years old
    1995 3 years old
    1996 4 years old
    1997 5 years old

    2015 23 years old
    2016 24 years old
    2017 25 years old.
    january 1st~ december 31th= all same age.
    so a baby who born in december 31th is very sad.
    because he/she will be 2 years old next day.
    i have bad english skills but hope you will understand.

  17. Mady says:

    OK I’m 20 in Korea ? I’m happy then

  18. colleta says:

    born 1997

    2017-1997=20+1=21 years

  19. Kim Jennie (Aiza Imran) says:

    Actually my international age is 13 so what is myy korean age?

  20. Kim Jennie (Aiza Imran) says:

    My birth year is 2005

  21. melissa says:

    I was born on October 24, 2002 whats my Korean age ?

  22. Mik says:

    I’m 16 in Korea, cool

  23. Barbie. Hernandez says:

    What’s my Korean age if I was born in December 5th 2005

  24. Itsyagurl says:

    So I’m 13 because


  25. Juliette says:

    What is my age octuber 26 1999

  26. raabe mello says:

    I’m. 24 what is age in Korean

  27. Rafael Francisco says:

    So I was born on May 23, 2005 and it says here that if you birthday has passed +1 year to your current age and if it hasn’t otherwise, add 2?

    2019 – 2005 = {14} + 1 = {15} or {16}?

    What age Am I really in Korea?

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