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How to “Sound” Korean :D

(watch on your computer for the annotations)

Korean Sounds in this video:
아이고/아이구 (aigo/aigu) – used for surprises
에이 (ei) – used for when you don’t believe someone
에휴/에유 (ehyu/eyu) – used for slight frustration
츠 (cheu) – used for when something is unfair and you’re a bit upset
헐 (hul) – used for when something is unfair (for teenagers)
캬/크 (kya/keu) – used for drinking something refreshing (usually alcohol)
야~ (ya) – used for when something is unbelievable

Note: Some of these Korean sounds have several meanings. We just gave a few 😉

Which Korean sound is your favorite? 😀

Keith Kim is a Korean-American who has been living in Korea for almost a decade. Being in a unique position as both a Korean and a non-Korean, he's put all his experience and knowledge for surviving in Korea in Survival Korean . Read it to learn how you can survive in Korea. Follow him on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.


  1. glazedearth says:

    ei, cheu and ya because they have same sounds and meanings in Turkish 🙂

  2. Angie Lee says:

    I love this so much! Superb!

  3. John says:

    The 캬 and 크 were kind of interesting. Keith didn’t really look refreshed in his performance; more like he just drank a really strong alcohol and is trying to clear his throat. xD (Not that is wasn’t good, just strong.) The 캬 makes sense, or at least the 아 part of it does; it’s the same kind of sound an American (and probably many North Americans) would use if they just drank something refreshing.

    야~ was my favorite, though. :]

  4. Greek Mike says:

    Well the kya/keu sound is pretty much all I’ll need for the first few nights I’m guessing. Thanks for the demo guys!

  5. Parto says:

    I like ” 에이” ^^

  6. Marcus says:


    This has so much meaning in it, all the frustrations and emotions and context behind its usage, depending on the situation.

  7. RidingShotgun says:

    you always make me smile

  8. Sabrina says:

    Good job. Really useful.

  9. Kay says:

    This is awesome! It is essential i think to know how to “sound” in any language you are learning 😀 thanks Keith its a nice list you got here ^^ I hope we can have more soon!

    My favourite I think was 야 sounds so cool so say it ㅋㅋㅋ

  10. Stefan says:

    This is so 대박 Keith, I love those sounds, when I do them I feel like I’m one step closer to being Korean (must have to do with one of my past lives :D) I just have one wish, can u do another video like this one, maybe 2nd volume 😛
    where these sound will be divided to which ones men and which ones women usually use. ^ ^ Love ya
    and my fave one was 츠~ x9 수고하셨습니다

  11. Is it really possible to develop a Korean accent for a non-Asian? I think it s very difficult task.

  12. Yeol says:

    I often use hul and aigoo (even if I’m not in korea)
    It’s like an everyday expression between kpop fans here ~ ^^

  13. Joel Owens says:

    I’ve always heard 말도안되 but never seen it spelled before. I like the phrases that follow 야~ like 세상에 어떻게 그런 일 있냐? 하고 야~어떻게 그럴 수 있어?

    Thanks for these! I’m going to go practice now! \(^.^)/

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