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Samgeori Pocha (Gangnam Station)

For locals in their twenties or thirties, it would be pretty rare not to recognize the name Samgeori Pocha–it’s particularly well-known in the Hongdae area. Meaning “a tent-bar at a three way intersection,” the truth is that this bar is not really in a tent, but it actually did start out at a 3-way intersection in Hongdae. These half truths are acceptable because of the copious amounts of soju in little green bottles, which is the preferred drink of choice. And just like in any Korean-style bar, you’ll want to drink alongside a variety of Korean bar foods, including spicy stews, stir-fried meats and fried delicacies. Don’t come expecting a safe ride for your stomach–even if the food is rather delicious! The love from locals means it’s pretty hard to get a seat here anytime from Friday to Saturday, but it is open until the wee of hours of the morning and trust us, your chances of getting in increases dramatically after 3am.

Note: There are many locations throughout the city, but the famous one is the Samgeori Pocha in Hongdae.

Cover Charge:
Type of Bar:
Pocha (Korean Tent Bar)
Operating Hours:
Daily 7pm-6am
20,000 won (avg per side dish)
Phone Number:
Seoul Seocho-daero 77-gil Seocho-gu 45
Subway Station:
Sinnonhyeon (Line 9)
Gangnam Station (Line 2, New Bundang Line)