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Between Night and Music

Between Night and Music (밤과음악사이강남점). Although this club and lounge now has a few locations all over the city, this location in Gangnam is definitely the most famous. Unlike many other clubs in the area, you’ll find the visitors’ ages to be much more diverse and the vibe much more local. The music brings back tunes from Korea in the 80s and 90s, and encourages those who aren’t interested in EDM or hip hop to dance. Towards the end of the night, they also alternate between fast, jumpy music to slow ballads–allowing you to cozy up with a certain stranger you’ve just exchanged looked with.

Operating Hours:
Mon-Thu 7pm-5am, Fri-Sun 7pm-6am
Phone Number:
Seoul Gangnam-daero 65-gil Seocho-gu 1, B1F
Subway Station:
Gangnam(Line 2, SinBundang)