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How to Get Free Wifi Anywhere in Korea

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You’re traveling to Korea and looking for some free wifi hotspots you can leech off of. Starbucks, McDonalds, and even taxis offer free wifi, but for some reason, the passwords aren’t made so clear. Fear not. Here’s how you can unlock free wifi anywhere you go in Korea!

Korea has a number of popular routers that come with factory set passwords. Although people do change it, a surprising number of people leave the factory password as is. Many businesses and major corporations in Korea also regularly offer wifi, but don’t readily reveal their passwords. If you want to get free wifi in Korea, find the wifi name below and try out the password. It’s not guaranteed to work, but chances are high that you’ll be scoring some free wifi anywhere you go in Korea!

Wifi Spot Password
KT SSID , KT_WLAN 1234567890 | 123456789a | 1234567890c
HellowD (헬로우 디), Hellowireless, SO070VOIP 534f4b4354
Tbroadnet 123456789
Egg 택시 (taxi) SHOW3382
KWI-B2200T, KWI-2200 SHOW3382 | password
myLGnet, myLG070 123456789a | 987654321a | 1234567890 | myLGNetfe07
SK a123456789
Tbroadnet a123456789
세븐일레븐 (7-Eleven) 2127393302
맥도날드 (McDonalds) 16005252 (McDonald’s delivery phone number)
스타벅스 (Starbucks) Phone number of the starbucks you’re at (see receipt)
tobis 1234
iptime, anygate, zio, linksys no default passwords 🙁

If these passwords don’t work, remember to check out these 10,000 places to get free wifi in Seoul!

Lastly, do remember that free Wi-Fi hotspots may not always be secure.  To prevent data theft through these networks, you can opt for a VPN for Korea with local servers.  Premium services like ExpressVPN are recommended since they not only provide security, but also speed thanks to their dedicated online traffic tunnels.

Keith Kim is a Korean-American who has been living in Korea for almost a decade. Being in a unique position as both a Korean and a non-Korean, he's put all his experience and knowledge for surviving in Korea in Survival Korean . Read it to learn how you can survive in Korea. Follow him on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.


  1. This might be one of the best posts ever. Sharing this and wishing I had this list when I lived in Korea!

  2. Milena says:

    안녕하십니까 김씨~ 저는 지금 부산에서 사는 외국학생는데 여러가지 삶 고생이 없이 살고싶습니다. Whhata hell. My korean worst then My own language. Sorry, but I tried. Long time agow I was saw nice Post of your blog about Discount cards in Korea of Shopes and so on. While I was here for alwmoust 10 month I discoveredt just one thing,… that 외국인s cant use i half of some point or discount system (from the words of some friends thought)..I wish to have some cards, but have just useless Lotte Member, Edute and the Face it shopes card discoint wich not realy worked out coz they are collecteble – I must to collect points and so on. Well I got that. but Where and how can I more usefully do that, or better ask Koreans to make some cards for me – coz Homepluss system didnt realy goise well with main!(((((( So please if it pasible make discount post again. Coz many time is passet and a lot of things have been maded like with T money (for me Bcash – still not know how to use thouse discounts) and so on.Thank you a lot!

  3. juls says:

    is this still working in 2017? lol

  4. mocha frds says:

    Tbroadnet another passwords

  5. B.Singh says:

    What is latest and how I can get free WiFi or internet in Jeollabuk-do , I am planning to stay there for one year as a teacher under TALK Progaramm

  6. davis john says:

    Your tip is great. I also have the same situation when traveling and don’t know what to do next, phrazle weaver wordle. I will save it to use it when I come to this beautiful country.

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