OU – Seoulistic


OU is not a normal Korean restaurant. Most Korean restaurants have a menu that they perfect and then make every single day. OU, on the other hand, is dedicated to the culinary arts. They specialize in simple Korean-style home food and even serve soups you normally can’t order in restaurants — like 미역국 (miyeokguk), a simple bowl of seaweed soup. Actually, you still can’t order soup since they pair it specifically with a main course, which changes every two days. The people behind OU are true chefs, the cooking is intentionally unique, and the combinations are well-thought out. Each element has purpose, and they pair everything together perfectly like a completed puzzle.

OU truly is a hidden gem as it’s a residential neighborhood a bit away from the main Hongdae area. But it’s well worth the trip for a unique and flavorful experience in a beautifully modern Korean restaurant.

Operating Hours:
11:30AM - 21:30 (Break Time 3:30 - 17:30)
10,000 won - 25,000 won
Phone Number:
26, Mapo-gu, World cup buk-ro 6-gil, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Subway Station:
Hongik University Station (Line 2, Airport Express, Gyeongui Jungang Line)
Type of food:
Korean Homestyle Food