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Namsan Donkkasu

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If you notice a long line at a hole in the wall restaurant on your way to Namsan Tower, chances are you’re looking at Namsan Donkkasu or one of its copycats. Their donkatsu, deep fried tenderloin (or your choice of fish or chicken), is extra crispy, and the portions very generous, this famous Myeongdong restaurant has been a longtime favorite of cab drivers and nearby office workers. Each dish is served with a bit of Korean-style side salad, beans and pickles for those looking for your daily dose of veggie and iced soba as a possible add-on. On weekends, especially when the weather is nice, parking for this restaurant in Myeongdong becomes a real battle of the wills.

Operating Hours:
10:30AM - 11PM
10,500 won
Phone Number:
101, Sopa-ro, Seoul, South Korea
Subway Station:
Myeongdong Station (Line 4)
What to order:

donkkasu - deep fried tenderloin (돈까스)