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Jung-in Myeonok

Jung-in Myeonok (정인면옥). Interested in North Korea issues? Why not try some North Korean food while you’re here? One of the most loved North Korean dishes is their version of naengmyeon (iced noodles) called Pyeongang naengmyeong named after their capital city. The noodles are a bit thicker than the regular moolnaengmyeon you would find in Seoul–changing the consistency of each bite. Each bowl is topped with beef slices, cucumber, radish and half an egg. Other popular dishes include the bibimnaengmyeon (iced noodles with spicy sauce), dumpling soup and nokdu-jeon (deep fried Korean-style pancake).

Operating Hours:
Daily 11am-9:30pm
8,000 ~ 23,000
Phone Number:
Seoul Gukhoe-daero 76-gil Yeongdeungpo-gu 10
Subway Station:
National Assembly(Line 9)
Type of food:
Ice Noodle, BBQ
What to order:

Pyeongyang-style Cold Buckwheat Noodles