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Hadongkwan (Yeouido)

Hadongkwan (하동관).

The popularity of the original location in Myeongdong inspired this branch here in Yeouido. The specialty dish here is gomtang which is beef broth, rice and slices of beef. As is the branch’s signature, the soup here is special, as it’s filtered for a clear and refreshing taste, as opposed to the cloudy soups of other gomtang restaurants. The restaurant also provides large slices of high quality hanu meat, which is in contrast to the smaller slices of other restaurants. Hadonghwan definitely has become a favorite amongst the office workers in the area on cold, winter days. The gomtang is available in two different sizes–regular and special.

Note: There’s another Hadongkwan in Myeongdong.

Operating Hours:
Daily 7am-4pm
12,000 ~ 25,000
Phone Number:
Seoul Eunhaeng-ro Yeongdeungpo-gu 3
Subway Station:
National Assembly Station (Line 9)
What to order:

Gomtang - Beef Soup (곰탕)