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Shinsegae Department Store

Shinsegae Department Store can be marveled at from the outside as well as the inside. On the same location where Korea’s first department store (a Japanese endeavor named Misreukkosi) stood in the 1930s, this new luxury building was built in 2005 and then renovated in 2007. With a large fountain spouting water during warmer weather and Christmas lights up during the holidays, it’s great for a photo opt on both occasions. Inside, you can find all the brands from Tiffany’s to Dior as well as men’s, women’s and children’s apparel and an amazing food court.

Operating Hours:
am 10:30
pm 08:00
Phone Number:
대한민국 Seoul Sogong-ro Jung-gu 소공동 63
Subway Station:
Hoehyeon(Line 4)