Aland – Seoulistic


We never could find out why this multi-shop that focuses on Korean fashion brands has a Swedish name, but we do know that it’s definitely a shop worth visiting. Previously, both men and women’s fashion were housed in the same building but now they are two separate venues right across the street from one another. They sell everything from imitation jeans that are trending right now (today they’re cut-off flares) to high-end local brands. The top floor of the women’s Aland has a few vintage items and items on sale that are great buys for those to dare to dress boldly. The entrance to the men’s Aland houses a great collection of shoes and accessories definitely worth taking a look at. If you’ve already packed in all your luggage, the bracelets, rings and earrings are always a small and affordable last-minute purchase to make!

Operating Hours:
Daily am 10:30
pm 10:30
Phone Number:
Seoul Myeongdong 6-gil Jung-gu 30
Subway Station:
Myeongdong(Line 4)