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How to Make Korean Friends in Korea


If you’re traveling to Korea or living in Korea, you might feel a little lost and alone. What better way to cure your sorrows than to make local Korean friends! If you’re wondering how you can make Korean friends while you’re in Korea, we have a few suggestions 😉

Note for Korea residents: Making friends in Korea is the same anywhere in the world. Most people, just like you, make friends at school, work at the gym, etc.. But if the people around you are only non-Koreans, it might be harder to make local Korean friends. So we suggest being active, and of course friendly. Join a yoga class, a salsa dance group, a scarf knitting interest group, a photography club for taking pictures of cats. Just anything to be in a position to meet people. And of course, it’ll help if you’re friendly too.

But just in case you need a starting point, here are a few suggestions:


TourMateKoreamakeyourtourmate korea

With Locals by Locals

TourMateKorea is an app to find local Korean friends to have real local experiences with. They’re not professional tour guides, but everyday Korean locals with schools and jobs. With them, you’ll get access to special venues, hear their stories of growing up in the city, get personalized recommendations for what you want to do and make a new friend while you’re at it. Most meetups are one on one experiences, so it’s intimate, and you’ll really get to know true Korean locals.

Click here to find a local Korean friend.



Seoul tours and friendship

SeoulMate is one of the services we highlighted in our 10 Free Things to Get in Seoul post. They are super cool because they offer free tours of Korea’s attractions. And although they’re not professional tour guides, you can think of them as professional hang out buddies. Basically the group will hook you up with Korean college students to tour some of Korea’s awesomest sites. But in addition to tours, these people also offer their oh so valuable friendship. They’re young, outgoing and friendly. You’ll like them so much that you might even want to go to one of their reunion parties! 😀

Check out their official website and their facebook page.


Friends in Korea

Language exchange, partying, speed dating and unicorns… maybe

Checkout friendsinkorea.comif you want language exchange, partying, speed dating and unicorns. Their hang outs range from eating food and drinking coffee to drinking beer and going clubbing. They’ll have events that are setup for group discounts (i.e. free entrance to clubs, all you can drink beer, etc.). And although this group is geared more towards foreigners that reside in Korea, it’s still a great way for visitors to meet some Korean friends too. And to ride unicorns.

Check out their facebook page and their official website!
If you speak Korean…


Korean Interest Groups

모임 (moim) / 동호회 (donghohoe)

Many Korean people find friends in interest groups called 모임 (moim) or 동호회 (donghohoe) and so these groups are perfect for finding real Korean locals. On top of that, these are interest groups with activities that range from hiking, bowlingwine tastingbiking and anything else you can think of. So it’s perfect for making friends with the most local of Koreans while enjoying your favorite activities! Most of these can be found with simple searches on or (e.g. 서울볼링동호회 – Seoul bowling interest group). If your Korean isn’t the best, ask a friend to help you find a good one.

Obviously these aren’t the only ways to make Korean friends. There are tons of meetup groups out there with lots of Koreans. If you know of any, feel free to add to the list in the comments below!

Keith Kim is a Korean-American who has been living in Korea for almost a decade. Being in a unique position as both a Korean and a non-Korean, he's put all his experience and knowledge for surviving in Korea in Survival Korean . Read it to learn how you can survive in Korea. Follow him on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.


  1. Jo R says:

    Hi everyone..

    I’m Jo from Singapore but living in Australia. I’ll be in Seoul from July 25- Aug 01 this year. Looking for locals who are interested to go hiking, have food and clubbing. I’m also interested to meet local LGBTQi mates. As long as you’re fun, sociable, down to earth and doesn’t discriminate, i’m totally up to hang out! (: Hit me up!

  2. Jo says:

    Hi everyone..

    I’m Jo from Singapore but living in Australia. I’ll be in Seoul from July 25- Aug 01 this year. Looking for locals who are interested to go hiking, have food and clubbing. I’m also interested to meet local LGBTQi mates. As long as you’re fun, sociable, down to earth and doesn’t discriminate, i’m totally up to hang out! (: Hit me up!

  3. MARIAM says:

    Hi I am mariam from Paris but live in London.
    I am coming to Seoul from 2018-10-11 to 13.
    I would like to meet local to show me around or just for dinner or/and just clubbing.
    Looking forward to meet you guys!

  4. Farwenee says:

    I want to make a very good friend in South Korea

  5. Farwenee says:

    I am looking for good friend in South Korea

  6. Sabrina says:

    Hey everyone! I’m Sabrina. Born in Singapore but live in Australia. I’m visiting Seoul on 28 September – 13 October. I’ll be here with my younger brother. We’re looking to make new friends in South Korea! If you’re interested, my instagram is @iffahsabrina I’d love to hang out and experience SK the local way ^^

  7. GiaHan says:

    Hello everyone, I will be in Seoul on 28/September – 8/October. I want to make some new friends. If you’re interested, just contact me on Instagram @giahanii

  8. Lauren says:

    Hi, im lauren and im currently visiting seoul right now and would like to make a friend who i can go clubbing at Seungri’s club Burning Sun this weekend. If you would like to join me, my kakaotalk id is nomochan. If you cant reach me there then my instagram is dangerouslylala

  9. Sandy says:


    I am Sandy from Germany. I want to meet new friends in Seoul city. I am 42 years old. Speak German,English and French.
    Please contact me. Thank You

    • Yoon Kwang-min says:

      Hi, Nice to meet you, I am 33years Korean man.

      I was looking for foreign friends cuz my english is getting worse and I want to stop it rustting.
      Send me a message if you are interested. 🙂


  10. zaz says:

    I’m Zoe, I will be going to Seoul in December! I’m interested in architecture and art. I will be going around to discover the beauty and culture of the Capital!
    If you are interested in the same things, lat’s meet and tour the city together!!

  11. Maddie says:

    I am an 18 yr old american women living in seoul as a student, going to be in korea for a long time so looking for some friends! other foreigners and koreans alike! my kakaotalk id is mads2 ! feel free to send me a message.. please be within my age range !!

  12. Yoon Kwang-min says:

    Hi Guys. I have a free Seoul Q&A Channel for foreign tourist

    If you want to know anything about Seoul, Contact us!

  13. jin says:

    Hi! i’m Jin(Korean), i will stay Souel for 3month from now! i want to trip with anyone lol. though i can’t speak English well, i strive to do! if you want to trip Korea, please contact me ! kakao or mail ( kakao : mmu102 , mail : [email protected])

  14. Sarah says:

    Hi guys! My name is Sarah and I’m a Canadian-Korean in her young 20s. Looking for fun people to check out hip bars, underground music, gallery openings, etc. Let me know! _sarahwon

    • Shelsie says:

      Hi Sarah my name is Shelsie I’m in Seoul for the holidays and looking for someone to hang with! ( I’m 19 in the states, 21 in Korea) my Kakao is @Shels0

  15. Naomi says:

    Hello :)))

    My name is Naomi and I’ll be staying in Seoul for 5-6 months! (feb- mid July)
    In need of a travel/chill partner !
    I like fashion, art, designs and I’m very open minded soooo lets hang out or maybe show me some of your favorite places in Seoul:)

    • Tess says:

      Hi Naomi, this is Tess.
      Maybe we can hang out?
      Here’s my kakaotalk: clary01

    • kami says:

      hi naomi i will go to seoul from may 22 until june 2 if you like to hang out , my name is kami and my kakao talk is (aaeeuwu)
      feel free to text me.

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