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Korea Q&A: Asshole Korean Men, Bad Kids and a Love Story!

In this Q&A session, your homie Keith talks about asshole Korean men, bad Korean highschool kids, and we even have a short love story 🙂

Keith: Of course there’s bad kids in Korea! The Korean gangsters have to come from somewhere right??

As for what bad high school kids in Korea do? Well, I think it’s mostly the same anywhere. Not going to school, smoking, alcohol and sex. That kind of stuff. But there’s no gangs or anything like that. Sure kids will fight, but that’s just kids being kids. There’s no turf wars, or drug disputes because drugs are suuuuuper illegal in Korea. Any kind. So no for drugs or gangs. But yes for smoking, alcohol and sex.


Keith: First I think this might be the first time I’ve heard the words ninja army used to describe night cleaning. But this is definitely not the first time I’ve heard… the public garbage complaint. Many foreigners complain about this when they first come to Korea. Why does Seoul not have public trash bins? I want more trash bins! Give me more trash bins!!!!

I’m not sure if this is the main reason, but in Seoul, you have to pay for these special plastic bags if you want your trash picked up. If you don’t have it, they won’t pick it up. But if there were free city garbage bins everywhere in Korea, people could save a tiny bit of money by throwing out their stuff there. And you must remember, Korea has ajummas. There are plenty of women who will walk with trash on their head with no shame just to save a few cents.

Keith: Priveet Rachel! For Russian speakers, I’ve met a few ethnic Koreans from Kazakstan and Uzbekistan, and they speak Russian. Yes, very nice! There’s even a small Central Asian neighborhood in Dongdaemun. I actually went there last week. And I saw a store with a whole wall full of only… vodka. So if you need a conversation in Russian and/or a bottle of vodka.. maybe at the same time.. just go to Dongdaemun.

But for speaking English? Iunno man, I think a lot of Koreans speak English. Like… the first time I came to Korea was 11 years ago, and me and my friend would be talk about people just for fun… “yo, this girl right next to us smells like puke…” and there’d be no problem!

But these days, you can’t be doing that. People be popping up behind your back saying, “what do you say???” Gotta be careful.
So yea, I think a lot of Koreans are ok at English. Not everyone’s fluent. But in the cities, I think everyone understands the basics. And there’s definitely a lot of people that can understand quite a bit.


Keith: Uh…I don’t know…. But I think I found one in the comments!


A Native American or a Twilight fan.

And I think she’s right. Remember, they’re men before they’re Korean. And sometimes guys think with… body parts…… and you know… they’re not very emotional body parts… and sometimes guys are assholes because of that. I think it’s more about being a guy than Korean. So don’t hate on Korea, hate on the entire male gender 🙂


Keith: Aww that’s nice man. Hope you have an awesome time Ibrahim! 😀


Keith: Ana, I’ve been living here for quite a bit, and I do not know. If you’re not sure what Ana is talking about, sometimes if you’re walking and someone is walking towards you, sometimes you will get CRUSHED! The easy thing to do is step one way to avoid getting hit all together. But it doesn’t work like that in Korea. Most people just kind act like nothing happens after a crush… and just keep walking.

Ana… I don’t know why…. T.,T It’s just something you have to get used to. I usually just give people stink eye :).


Keith: The monsoon season is usually sometime in July. It usually rains every day. And yes, it is humid. July and August both are hot and humid. But you should be straight if you’re coming from Singapore, girl. Singapore so hot, la? 🙂

That’s it for this week’s Q&A! If you have any questions, be sure to leave a comment and let us know what you want to know! Holla atcha boy! 🙂

Keith Kim is a Korean-American who has been living in Korea for almost a decade. Being in a unique position as both a Korean and a non-Korean, he's put all his experience and knowledge for surviving in Korea in Survival Korean . Read it to learn how you can survive in Korea. Follow him on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.


  1. Catherine says:

    There are gangs in some highschools ok its not common. One of my friends works at a technical highschool and they have bad problems with gangs at the school but the teachers choose to ignore it just cos its a technical school.

  2. Vanessa says:

    Omg I know about this don’t move and crush thing! But here in Brazil hahaha I hate this, it’s like you’re invisible! -.- And most people won’t apologize nor anything like that either -.-

  3. edwin Medero says:

    Hi, Im from Puerto Rico and I was asking my self if its really common for koreans to have eyelid surgery??

  4. Lillie says:

    This video was great *ding, smiley face* I want to know, where’s our home girl Min Songa gone? I haven’t seen her for a really long time, yo.

  5. Ana Lee says:

    Thank you!! ^^ hehehe you made me laugh! 😉

  6. Angel says:

    I don’t have a question, I just freakin’ love you! You totally made my day. Thanks!

  7. Jewelz Martinez says:

    Hmm… Do Korean guys dig Latinas? Btw your awesome n pretty sexy 😛

  8. Sam Tsai says:

    lmao keith i love your videos

  9. Kevin says:

    Where do I go get drunk at if I am rolling out solo?

  10. Katie says:

    Hello :))!!! I have a question tht probably might not be answered but please do :)!…. Ok. I am adopted from South Korea and i know a tiny tiny bit of Korean what happens if i went to Korea and i didnt know ANY Korean? I know lots of traditions thanks to your videos :))!! And i am very shy talking to lots of people (very very shy i feel like running away) :((.
    And 1 more question what happens if u dont respect the elderly? I would never disrespect but i am very curious!! :))

  11. Iris says:

    Your comment…Keith, you are so cute, I can be your grandmother ^__^ I will be visiting Korea next year with my youngest son, you have to know that mothers worry about their children, my son is a professional photographer and I know he will want to go out alone at night, is it safe for him? with his camera? Thank you for all the information about Korea… God Bless You.. And I want to meet you, since I think you were teaching me Korean last year.

  12. jo says:

    so darn cute with the wide smile showing off your teeth ! teehee =) It’s an interesting clip! Let’s CRRRUSH some korean lol

  13. Jay says:

    Korea is one of the better Asian countries for speaking English? You should visit India and Philippines, Korea will look like a deaf mute in comparison when it comes to Asian proficiency.

    • reks says:

      Man its fuck terrible in south korea. People watch you like a freak
      Show. At least other countries people have the balls to talk to you if they look at you. Better the no perfume wearing drug fearing shit pots.
      Any where in south east aisa beat south korea and japan

  14. Jay says:

    Asian = English*

  15. Candie says:

    Your comment…
    Should a 67 yo handicapped american visit Seoul? Are there elevators in the subway system?

  16. Alexandr says:

    I’m living in Seoul for 9 months and still dont understand korean girls(what r in their head?=)
    Could you give an advice to the single european man how to behave with them? What they think about foreigners, how to make relationships? Maybe there are some secrets or key to heart of korean girl.

  17. sahar says:

    I laughed a lot when I saw your video and it was fun .your speechify was very good
    thank you

  18. P Smith says:

    re: Ana Lee being assaulted on the street. I have two suggestions for her because the best solution (being taller and weighing 20kg more than most Koreans) isn’t an option for her..
    1) Always walk with a backpack and keep one hand on the strap. It naturally keeps your elbow sticking out at chest height. Those who try to walk into you will think twice before doing so, or hurt themselves if they don’t pay attention.
    2) Carry a drink bottle in hand, whether drinking it or empty, and keep it between you and those trying to walk into you. The bottom is soft and flat, and held against your hip it won’t hurt you. But the bottle cap is hard and small, almost a point, and definitely will bruise anyone who runs into it.
    Don’t try to cause collisions, avoid them if possible. But don’t be afraid to defend yourself against unprovoked assaults.

  19. Arin says:

    Crazy! These people has turned more racist then Europeans. Had a very poor experience with these koreans. My opinion is to ban them equally as North Koreans. These people are uncultured, un educated, sudden money has exploded their brains, but they don’t understand this will be the reason for total downfall. God help these foolish people.

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