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Korea Q&A: Lonely Virgin Sex at the World Cup!

We’re back! This week’s questions include: Is virginity prized in Korea? Is Korea conservative when it comes to sex? I’m lonely. How can I make friends in Korea? My friends bow to me every time. Why? Do you think Korea will win the world cup?

Is Korea conservative when it comes to sex? 

Traditionally, Korea’s a conservative society. So talking about sex in Korea isn’t as common as it might be in different parts of the world. Parents definitely don’t want to talk about sex with their children, even fully grown adults. And even friends may not talk about sex to one another. Also, sex is a bit taboo for things like national television or public radio. But that’s on the surface. The sex lives of people are for the most part considered a private affair. But then again, there’s softcore porn on cable television, sex shops in random neighborhoods and adult entertainment services too. So yes Korea is conservative for the general public. But when it comes to individuals, you may find differences.

What about virginity? 

Because of Korea’s conservative nature, virginity is prized by traditionalist Koreans. There are matchmaking services that set people up to get married. If a woman had experience living abroad or living alone, they’re assumed to have had some sexual experiences. And this makes them less appealing in the eyes of the matchmaking service. But societal expectations may be different than reality. 😛


I’m lonely. How can I make friends in Korea? 

Korea’s a very group centered society. And that effects how people hang out with each other. Mixing and mingling with friends from different parts of someone’s life (i.e. college, high school, church, basketball, etc.) is not the most common practice in Korea. Instead, groups tend to hang out within their own circles, only occasionally introducing new people. So to make new friends, we suggest joining a group or a class. There you’ll instantly be part of that group, and automatically have a few friends to start. Good luck!


My friends bow to me every time. Why? 

Hmm.. we’re not sure why. But there could be two reasons: 1. You’re significantly older than them or 2. They respect you a lot. If you are significantly older than them, then that’s totally normal. It’s just a thing that Koreans do to show respect, and in Korea, being older automatically grants you a certain level of respect. But if you’re of similar age, they may just be really respectful of you. The closer people get, the less they bow. No idea why they’re bowing, but at least you’re being respected!


Do you think Korea will win the world cup?

Dae~~~hanminguk! Of course we can hope every year, but if we’re being realistic, we probably won’t win. The heavy weights are all non-Asian, and the only fond memories we have are from 2002, when Korea actually made it past the group stage. It really was a magical moment, and everyone remembers where they watched the games. Hopefully, we’ll do well in Brazil 2014 too!


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Keith Kim is a Korean-American who has been living in Korea for almost a decade. Being in a unique position as both a Korean and a non-Korean, he's put all his experience and knowledge for surviving in Korea in Survival Korean . Read it to learn how you can survive in Korea. Follow him on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.


  1. JonB says:

    Hyojin & Keith – I’ll be your friend!But I’m a guy, so Keith probably isn’t interested. XD

  2. Matheus says:

    I’m Brazilian, I was in Korea last year and yes, it’s really far away but it doesn’t mean that is impossible xD try to come ^^

  3. Debora says:

    Hi Keith!
    I love the QeA. Come to Brazil and be my guest during the world cup! This would be so fun!!! ^.^

  4. Rafael Souza says:

    I was 10 when I watched the 2002 WC and the red sea of people impressed me a lot. I’ll totally cheer for you guys here, well not to win because Brazil have to win this one, but second place is good! So here is a suggestion: make a video with all the chants for the S. Korean football team. I only know “Oh, pilseung Korea” and the one in the video. I live in Rio and I want to use the matches to meet some korean people (maybe I can find a unicorn :P).

    That’s it and keep up the good work!

  5. Kevin Yancey says:

    You get D graded not for failing to be a virgin, but for living in a foreign country where sex might have happened? Wow, they really do think we’re a bunch of promiscuous heathens, don’t they?

  6. TROND says:

    Korea looks like a conservative country on the surface but if you look closely and carefully, you’ll notice that many Koreans are simply pretending to be conservatives because that’s how the society expects them to be. To an extent, many are forced to be conservative or act as if they are conservatives because challenging authority or tradition comes with a price many cannot afford to pay. On a different note: Korea has a VERY high prostitution rate even though the society frowns upon the idea of PDA, sex or anything in-tune with that. So you have to stop and think, how can a conservative country like Korea have such a high rate in prostitution when the country and most of its citizen are supposedly conservatives? Also, you have to wonder how can such a “conservative” country be so obsessed with image and to top it off, have such a high rate in plastic surgeries including surgeries to change their Asian/Korean looks. The things that make you go mmmhhh lol.

  7. TROND says:

    By the way Keith, you need to have more faith in Korea man *FIGHTING*!!! Lol. Nice article once again, keep it up.

  8. Katie says:

    Oh Keith, you are making me sad. You talk a lot about not having friends. I hope that you are just being funny, and it’s not really true. I was also wondering, do you get treated as a Korean or an American when you are in Korea? And how are foreigners treated differently? Thanks.

  9. Gustavo says:

    Go Korea, FIGHTING!
    I’m brazilian and I’ll be supporting both Brazil and South Korea teams on this World Cup. I wish they could face up on the finals.

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