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40 Cute Must Buy Things in Korea

If you are stopping by the Republic of Cuteness (Korea), you better check out this list! Throw out your over-sized teddy bear out of the house because we got a list of unique, modern, and fashionable cute item to replace it! Pictures are worth a thousands words, so without further adieu!


1.) Korean socks – It’s like choosing candy at the candy store. Too many too choose from! 🙁 These socks are usually 500W to 1,000W in price. Great deal!

2.) Planner – Cuteness written all over.

3.) Pencil Case Pouch – Nyom nyom nyom. Eats your delicious pencils and pens 😀

4.) Dish sofa – If you live by yourself, just invest in a dish sofa. It’s super comfortable and saves a lot of space.

5.) Wallpaper Stickers – Must have if you ever want to decorate your place in Korea! They are easy to remove, too!


6.) Keyboard Stickers – You can make your ancient laptop look new.

7.) Bunny Smartphone Case – If you are visiting Korea, you will see almost every girl with a bunny smartphone case ;D

8.) Cute Pillows – Make a wish. Think of your favorite character cartoon character – most likely Korea will have a pillow with that character incorporated as the design.

9.) 3.5mm Earphone Jack – Bunny Ears (for decoration) – These little things have become a very big fashion trend these days in Korea (2012). These are for the more bold and *bling *bling fashion people out there who need to accessorize everything!

10.) Korean Earmuffs – Picture explains it all 🙂 C’mon, how is this not cute! 😀

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  1. Lilian says:

    Hahah! This post is just perfect. Someone said Korea is the land of all cute things!
    Next week I’ll be there and I’m sure I’ll remember this post…
    I’ve always wanted to buy a cute cake like that, because we hardly see something like this in Brazil. *-*
    I can’t imagine myself leaving without the socks! Gotta buy a lot of them (gifts to my friends).
    I’m sure I’ll come back home with lots of cute things <3

  2. Yes, people still use stickers! I collect cute stickers~ I’m stuck in this state with no access to cute stuffs T_T Online order can get pricy too :((

  3. Doralis says:

    Soooo many cute stuff, so hard to choose which is cuter! But the mouse pads and the Hello Kitty toaster are just…BRILLIANT! I’m always cold, especially in the office so I hope I can find those mouse pads online! >.<

  4. Sarah says:

    You forget the oh so adorable and comfy animal pajamas.

  5. Nora says:

    I’m generally not a big fan of cute stuff… but I need one of those mousepads!! My right hand is always cold while working on the computer… where do you get them?

  6. Abissan says:

    Noooooo!!! I want to come to Korea right now and go on a buy-everything-cute spree. I’m a sucker for cute things. The thing about them is that they are useful, not just randomly useless cute (Not that randomly useless cute things shouldn’t be bought).

    Does anyone know an on-line store that sells stuff like this and delivers internationally?

    • Mimi says:

      Japan is the King of Cute! Cute in Japanese is Kawaii, search kawaii shops and you will find LOTS of online stores that sell this type of stuff 🙂

      • matt says:

        In fact, Japanese people find ugly things cute Mimi. I have been to both Japan and Korea as an American person. Japan is widely spread with other things, less of cute things. Korea is probably one of the best places for cute stuff. They’re shopping malls are full of these things! Japan is NOT the king of cute

  7. hanie says:

    OMG!! i remembered being crazy in book store.just because of the headphone cord winder and sticky notes.. also spent almost not-sure-how-long-hours at shop just to buy that cute socks. LOL

  8. Kadrianne says:

    Lol Heechul’s on #10 XD This is the post I needed, since right after college I’m moving to Korea and I want to engluf my apartment in cute shtuff!

  9. henny says:

    if i were go to korea……..i must save how much money??for buying this??? cuteness overload.. >.< owh my god…

  10. irlia says:

    where can buy this stuff? i’ll go korea soon.. thanks

  11. Nurul says:

    that was awesome! i’m going to seoul to soon…hopefully..
    where we can find those cute stuff??? please please please let us know where we can find those stuff???



    • Mimi says:

      Japan is the King of Cute! Cute in Japanese is Kawaii, search kawaii shops and you will find LOTS of online stores that sell this type of stuff 🙂

  12. Keith says:

    Many of these we found on the internet on sites like:

    I’d recommend going to 상상마당 (sangsangmadang) in Hongdae too. They have a bunch of cool stuff there.

  13. Raghav says:

    i love all the items veryy muchh .. i will go to korea soon and wil buy these things thanks for the share 🙂

  14. Jacqui says:

    I really like the stickers..!! everything looks so cute… and the cups.!!
    in my country, I live in Peru there is a store Artbox and it has a lot of cute thing..
    like cute socks I go every time I can and I want to buy everything I see …haha

  15. Shirlene says:

    Where can we buy all these? Will be going Korea soon.

  16. janna says:

    super duper cute! i want to buy these all cute stuffs.. ㅠㅠ

  17. Kaitlyn says:

    where did you get the dish sofa?

  18. zahra says:

    ..ahhhhhhhhh kyoptaaa
    i loved them i would definitely buy some of these specially the cups i loved them hhhh

  19. Neven says:

    Your comment…OMG 🙁 so many cute stuff i well kill some one for them

  20. Lees says:

    Squishies, keychains, necklaces, bracelets… LOTS OF STUFFS~

  21. friend says:

    i like thes cute korean stuff, they just have thought of everything and made it cute ………. AMAZING !!!!!!!!

  22. friend says:

    i like these cute korean stuff, they just have thought of everything and made it cute ………. AMAZING !!!!!!!!

  23. Gayle Nario says:

    Hello i’m a big fan of Korea = ) Visited last year and I wish to bring all that are unique here in Manila, Philippines = ) Hope we can work something here. Thanks!

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  25. Shan says:

    Yep, aside from the overly cute boys and girl, Korea has tons of cute things…though I haven’t seen them first-hand, I am looking forward to do so…Oh! And cute fashion, Korean people has it I just love Korea!

  26. Tina says:

    since there are cute socks, I think there will be cute slippers too right? hahahaha

  27. Gabrielle says:

    Can i post my cute korean socks photo here? bought it in Doota, a bit pricey ₩3,500 though but the fabric is more thick & softer, compare to ₩1,000

    Looking at the list, think I wanna buy the cute guy #10 ^_^ is it okay :LoL

  28. Lei says:

    I can only view the first 10. Am I doing something wrong.

  29. Lola says:

    Little usability suggestion! Page numbers under the article are hardly visible and ads completely overshadow them. Took me several times and opening this article in various browsers to realise where they were. You may want to make them more visible or have a big shiny NEXT button!

  30. Alex says:

    Artbox has a lot of cute stuff to buy.

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