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9 Unique Ice-cream Places To Eat In Seoul

Guest blogger elisuperoffbeattravel shows us some awesome places to eat some ice-cream to beat the summer in Korea.

Summer in Korea is here and with it comes the sweltering heat. What better way to cool down than with a big fat dose of ice-cream. If you’re sick and tired of the same old vanilla scoops then check out these 9 very cool and very instagramable ice-cream places to eat in Seoul below. 

1. Swi:t B

Looking for some sweet places to eat in Itaewon, Seoul? Swi:t B serves unique soft serve ice-cream flavours such as whisky, cereal and pistachio. They also put together adorable animal themed ice-creams made with sweet treats. Additional toppings include gummy worms, oreos and sprinkles.

Price: ~5,300 KRW

Website: Swi:t B
Location: Google Map

2. Fell + Cole

Fell + Cole is an awesome ice-cream place in Hongdae that regularly changes its 10 weird and wonderful ice-cream and sorbet flavours, which include vegan and dog friendly options. They also have some unique Korean flavors such as Makgeolli, beer stracciatella, miso vanilla and perilla leaves just to name a few. If that’s not enough, beer floats and ice-cream sandwiches can also be found in-store.

Price: ~5,200 KRW

Website: Fell + Cole
Location: Google Map

3. Milkcow

Milkcow is part of the ice-cream trend in Korea that prides itself on its soft serve ice-cream made from organic milk. Complementing their premium ice-creams are a range of fresh and organic ingredients including organic cotton candy, real honeycomb slices oozing honey and fresh fruits.

Price: ~5,500 KRW

Website: Milk Cow
Location: Many, but here’s a Google Map link to its Gangnam Station Location 

4. Aboong aka Angelish

Aboong has a delicious spin on a classic Korean street food. Fish shaped waffles filled with red bean paste (or custard cream) are served with yoghurt ice-cream topped off with chocolate syrup and crunchy flakes. A stick of chocolate covered fruits can be added for an additional KRW 1,000.

Price: 3,000 KRW

Website: Aboong
Location: Many locations, including international (Thailand, Japan, China, Hong Kong), but here’s a Google Map to one in Sinchon 

5. Remicone

Another recommended Seoul ice-cream shop is Remicone, which sells soft serve ice-cream in 3 flavours: milk, salted caramel and chocolate. Its real strength lies in its extensive list of toppings which include popping candy, tiny mango macaroons, crepe pieces and hazelnut praline.

Price: ~6,100 KRW

Website: Remicone
Location: Google Map to Garosugil Location

6. Milky Bee

Looking for the perfect Instagram while visiting Seoul? Milky Bee sculpts picture perfect ice-cream roses using up to 3 different ice-cream flavours. Pick from strawberry, yoghurt, chocolate and green tea. They also have that hot Korean food trend: honey comb topped ice-cream.

Price: ~5,500 KRW

Website: Milky Bee
Location: Google Map to Myeongdong Location

7. Sobok

Sobok’s deliciously creamy yet nutty tasting ice-cream is made from rice, grains and milk. It’s finished off with a dash of pumpkin, dried fruit, nuts, honey, and one of their signature injeolmi ice balls (ice-cream balls with a chewy injeolmi centre). A lot of Korean flavors in here.

Price: 5,200 KRW

Website: Sobok
Location: Google Map to Hongdae Location

8. Foot Long Ice-cream

Looking for something more substantial to quench your dessert pains? Make sure to check out these foot long ice-creams in Myeongdong. Pick from chocolate, vanilla, green tea, milk, strawberry and yoghurt. They are open late along with all the other street food vendors. Perfect for late night cravings.

Price: 2,000 KRW
Location: Google Map to Myeongdong

9. Penguin Macaron

places to eat in seoul - ice cream - penguin macaron

Ice cool ice-cream sandwiched between 2 pieces of chewy macaroon slices, what is there not to love about summer in Korea? Penguin Macaron serves these delicious treats in 4 flavours: green tea, cheesecake, strawberry and chocolate.

Price: 4,000 KRW

Website: Penguinmacaron.com
Location: Google Map to Insadong

Which one looks the best?? Share with us in the comments!

Elisa Tan
Elisa Tan
Elisa is on a mission to discover all the awesome offbeat things that Seoul has to offer. Check out her progress at elisuperoffbeattravel.com. When she's not blogging she's either playing with some kind of animal, in some kind of amusement park, or eating something pretty which you know she'll post on Instagram (@elisuper). Feel free to contact her about anything :)


  1. Julie says:

    Great article, BUT macaron =/= macaroon. Totally different cookies.

  2. 파티마 says:

    와….기다릴수없어요…모두먹고싶어요 ㅠㅠ

  3. Fancy Nancy says:

    Great list! but what about the liquid nitrogen ice creams? There’s this cool hidden away one in Ewha and they give you a syringe full of chocolate 🙂 the Tim Tam flavor is the best!!

    The Artistically Challenged

  4. Paul Turpie says:

    Unfortunately Milky Bee has shutdown. When we tried to find it in May 2016 it had closed down due to the site being redeveloped.

  5. Szemin says:

    I was wondering do you guys know ‘Ice Factory’ popsicles? Do you know where can I buy them in Seoul?


  6. Carleton says:

    Milky Bee still exists in Myeongdong. On Google maps it would be at the southeast corner of Myeongdong-gil and Myeongdong 10-gil (to the left of Citibank on the map). At the location there is a Olive Young (ground floor) and No. 1 Steakhouse at the northeast corner.

  7. Sireenthorn says:

    Omggg! Some of them are too cute too eat. Thanks for the nice photo and information. I really love dessert and ice cream I would like to try all of it next time I visit Korea : ))

  8. Supanun says:

    I used to try only foot long ice-cream. So, next time I would like to try another. Thank you for your information!

  9. Quenaia venahian says:

    The rose ice cream and the foot long ice cream looks awesome

  10. Laura says:

    YES! Love this article! The flower Ice Cream is definitely my favorite one 🙂 Thank you for sharing!
    xo Laura


  11. valipour says:

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  14. Erin Han says:

    We just got the foot long ice cream on November 24, 2022 thanks to this article!

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