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13 Things to Do in Korea during the Summer

Guest post By Jason Yu

Summer in Korea is pretty awesome. There’s a lot to

Essential Seoul Tour (Afternoon)

Essential Seoul Tour (Morning)

UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Tour

DMZ Tour





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101 Things to Do in Seoul – Huge Bucket List!


Bucket lists are awesome. People create these lists to make sure they have a …

Essential Seoul Tour (Afternoon)


[Tour runs from 1PM to 5:30PM / 37 USD per person]

In a single …

Essential Seoul Tour (Morning)

[Tour runs from 9AM to 12:30PM / 35 USD per person]

This tour is perfect …

UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Tour

[9AM to 12:30PM / 45 USD per person / minimum 2 people per booking]

Choose …

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Korea Travel: 13 Unique Must See Museums

1. Trick Eye Museum

Seoul, Busan & Jeju Island

This unique art museum in Seoul …