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Run out of Cash? Pay with Transportation Cards!

The T-money card is a Seoul subway transportation card that allows travelers to get on the subways without having to buy a ticket every single time they’re at the station. (Not sure what T-money is? Read our writeup on T-money cards!). Just get it at the beginning of your trip and use it for all your transportation needs — super easy and convenient. But here’s another situation where it might come in handy:

Situation: You came to Korea because you have this really weird obsession with tteokbokki and you want to eat at all the best tteokbokki restaurants in Seoul. And it’s mission accomplished; you spent ALL your money on eating tteokbokki (that’s a lot of money you weirdo!). But now you got no cash, and you need a delicious Korean drink to help quench that thirst. If you got a T-money card at the beginning of your trip and put some money in it, you might be in luck! If you have any funds left in the card, you can head over to the nearest convenience store to buy that drink you need (and maybe even a tteokbokki snack… weirdo!).

T-money cards are used for subway, buses and even taxis. But there’s tons of other places you can use your T-money card:

– Nearly all convenience stores
– Participating fastfood restaurants (i.e. McDonalds, Lotteria)
– Some bookstores (i.e. Kyobo)
– Chain bakeries (i.e. Paris Baguette, Crown Bakery, Mister Donut, Dunkin Donuts)
– Large supermarkets (i.e. Home Plus)
– Cafes and icecream shops (i.e. Baskin Robbins, Angel in Us Coffee, Pascucci, Cafe Tiamo, Jamba Juice)
– Cosmetic shops (i.e. TonyMoly, Etude House, Faceshop)

We don’t think you’ll be buying eyeliner and textbooks with your  T-money card, but it’s something to keep in mind if you’re running out of cash, and only have your T-money left!

Keith Kim is a Korean-American who has been living in Korea for almost a decade. Being in a unique position as both a Korean and a non-Korean, he's put all his experience and knowledge for surviving in Korea in Survival Korean . Read it to learn how you can survive in Korea. Follow him on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.


  1. Sam Tsai says:

    Hah, that’s great. Definitely gonna be using this tip in Korea when I go next month… keep up all the good tips, guys, it’s helped a lot! 🙂

  2. Michael says:

    Don’t forget all the major discounts you can get buy paying with the POP brand TMoney card….special 2+1, 40% off at Baskin Robbins etc! It’s the best tmoney, IMO, as it also double as your Happy Point and GS Point card.

  3. Feefy says:

    So I’m going to Seoul (from Dubai) next month for about 8 days, and have been thinking about which transportation card I should go for. The nice landlady (whose apartment I’m going to stay in, somewhere in Hongdae) suggests taking the M-Pass instead of the T-Money card. Any suggestions? Based on endless web browsing, I’ve noticed that M-Pass gives tourists discounts on certain attractions and allows you to board the subway train 20 times a day BUT then again T-money lets you pay for stuff at convenience stores and get discounts! HALP! I really have no idea which is worth my 8-day trip! >___<

  4. will james says:

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  6. granny says:

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