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July 2017: Things to Do in Seoul – Events and Festivals

Photo Credit: HKBS

July Events & Festivals in Seoul

It’s time for the summer festivals in Korea to kick off. There’s plenty of music festivals, festivals to beat the heat and festivals for children. It’s a great time to be in Korea as there will be over 30 festivals in Korea in the next few weeks. Here’s are some of the most famous festivals as wells as few lesser known, more local festivals.

The Sinchon Watergun Festival 2017

July 29th & July 30th
It’s the dream you had when you were 10 years old. Lock and load with water guns and join one of the most fun and best summer festivals in Seoul. Click for details.

11th Seoul Dessert Fair – Watermelon Theme

Photo Credit: @woojuyeosin

July 15th & July 16th
The ultimate cheat day is when you eat the best desserts in Seoul all in one place: the Seoul Dessert Fair. This one has a watermelon theme for this hot summer. Click for details.

Board Game Con Seoul

Photo Credit: Baobap

July 29th & July 30th
Beat the heat by staying in a huge air conditioned conference hall and beating little 10-year old at pick-up board games. It’s like stealing candy from a baby. Find up-and-coming games that have yet to hit the market at this fun Seoul conference. Click for details.

Seoul Fringe Festival 2017

July 19th to July 22nd
This unique summer music festival in Korea is for fringe artists outside the mainstream. You’ll see unique musical performances, magic performers, comedy troupes and even some traditional Korean music. Click for details.

Yeorak Music Festival 2017

July 7th to July 22nd
This is another summer music festival in Seoul with a unique twists. It combines modern music with trandtional Korean musical elementals such as pansori (a traditional Korean form of singing). Check out this summer music festival in the heart of Seoul for a unique experience. Click for details.

Seoul Comic World

Photo Credit: sparemoney

July 22nd & July 23rd
Manga, anime and cosplay lovers unite at this comic convention where you can see comics by up and coming artists and take pictures with intricate cosplay outfits. Click for details.

Hangang River Summer Festival 2017

Photo Credit: HKBS

July 21st to August 20th
The Hangang River is our pick for best summer festival in Korea. It’s right in the middle of Seoul for easy access, and there’s tons to do, such as rock climbing, wake boarding, bike races, water gun fights, weekly outdoor concerts, bridge water shows and nightly movie showings. Click for details.

Assitej Festival

July 19th to July 30th
This festival is an opportunity to see theater performances from around the world. This includes international performances from America, Mexico, Japan and of course Korea. It’s a great festival if you’re looking for fun things to do in Seoul with your kids. Click for details.

July Events & Festivals Outside Seoul

Boryeong Mud Festival 2017

July 21st to July 30th
Probably one of the most famous summer festivals in Korea, the Boryeong Mud Festival 2017 is your excuse to get down and dirty in the mud and wrestle with strangers, wallow in the mud without judgement, and get down and dirty with random folks from around the country. Click for details.

Jisan Valley Rock Festival 2017

July 28th to July 30th
One of Korea’s most well known summer music festivals is the Jisan Valley Rock Festival. Like a Korean Woodstock in 2017, it has outdoor music with huge stages, camping grounds and music that promotes peace and love. Click for details.

Oak Valley Camping Festival 2017

Photo Credit: Yagaja

July 12th to July 16th
A smaller known festival is the camping festival, which celebrates the beautiful outdoors. Tent out under the stars, listen to music, eat good food and bask in the beautiful summer. Click for details.

Pyeongchang Heat Hunter’s Festival 2017

July 28th to August 6th
Here in the city of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics you’ll find a mountain-side festival that’ll let you beat the heat naturally. Swim in cold mountain creeks, explore cool caves and hunt for fish with your bare hands (in a controlled pool). Good times in nature. Click for details.

Yellow River Beach Festival 2017

July 14th to August 20th
The Yellow River Beach Festival has huge waterslides, wake boarding, water blobs, canoeing and kayaking. There’s also a DJ party with music with waterguns. A GoPro Hero’s dream. Click for details.

Buyeo Seodong Lotus Flower Festival 2017

July 7th to July 16th
You thought cherry blossoms are beautiful? Check out the Buyeo Seodong Lotus Flower Festival for a can’t miss flower festival in Korea. There’s performances, illuminated night displays and of course beautiful flowers. Click for details.

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