August 2017: Things to Do in Seoul – Events and Festivals – Seoulistic

August 2017: Things to Do in Seoul – Events and Festivals

Photo Credit: Sydneysocial101

August Events & Festivals in Seoul

The summer festivals in Korea are coming to a close. With the high summer heat in effect, there’s plenty of festivals that’ll cool you down, and plenty of events going on in the late evenings to help you cool down from the daytime sun. Get out, get wet and dirty, and have some fun!

Seoul Comic Con 2017

Photo Credit: 315police

August 4th & August 6th

The world famous Comic Con has come to Seoul for Cosplay nerds and Overwatch geeks to fan craze over cool new toys, games and animations. It’s the one place you should come in a costume, or you’ll be the outcast!

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Seoul Culture Night 2017

August 11th – 12th (6PM – 5AM)

Seoul is really a haven for night owls who start getting into their prime when the sun goes down. Seoul Culture Night celebrates late night shenanigans with cultural performances, movies and markets. You can even camp out in the urban jungle.

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Seoul Lotus Flower Culture Festival

Photo Credit: bbkk

Aug 5th
Not all flower festivals are in the spring. The lotus flower festival in Seoul highlights the sacred Lotus Flower in Buddhist culture at Bongwonsa Temple. It’s a beautiful day to walk and smell the flowers.

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Slide the City Seoul 2017

Photo Credit: Sydneysocial101

August 11th to August 13th

This huge slide is setup in the middle of the city to cool us down from the August heat. Grab a tube and slide your way back to your childhood in the middle of the Seoul.


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2017 Global Food Festival in Seoul (Han River)

August 11th – August 13th

Get enough of a running start, and you might slide your way from the Slide the City right into the Global Food Festival in Seoul. Here you can cool down with great craft beers and the hottest food trucks in Seoul while listening to some live music. This is what summer’s all about!

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Hangang River Summer Festival 2017

Photo Credit: HKBS

July 21st to August 20th

And while you’re at the Global Food Festival, why not catch a movie a bit upstream. The Han River Festival runs until the end of the month with plenty of activities and things to do along the biggest river in Seoul.

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July Events & Festivals Outside Seoul

Busan Sea Festival 2017

August 1st – August 6th

The Busan Sea Festival has everything you’d expect from an awesome summer festival: musical performances, water gun fights, friendly people and good food. Of course, it’s right by the sea, so you can jump in whenever you feel too hot!

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Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival 2017

August 11th – August 13th

One of the last major music festivals in Korea is the Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival. Like any good festival, it’s outdoors, and you can even camp out on the festival grounds like it’s the Summer of 69. Rock out and have some fun in the waning summer days.

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Busan International Rock Festival 2017

August 11th – August 13th

The Busan International Rock Festival is a rarity in the music festival scene in that it is FREE. Featuring local indie rock music bands, you’ll get to rock out with local Koreans on a big stage down in beautiful Busan.

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Yeongdong Grape Festival

August 24th – August 27th

Who would want to stomp on a bunch of grapes? That’s just one of the few activities you can do at the Yeongdong Grape Festival. While it’s a bit of a trek if you’re in Seoul, it’s worth a family trip to get away into nature and have fun delicious fun!

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