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December 25, 2012

Happy Year End Season from Seoulistic! :D

We’re taking this time to enjoy the year end season, and we hope you are …

December 13, 2012

10 Reasons Why the Seoul Subway System is the Best

Jalopnik.com rated the Seoul subway system number 1 in the world. It is of course …

December 6, 2012

Korea’s Most Legendary Badass Heroes

(Click images for sources)

Back in the day there were a lot of wars in …

December 4, 2012

40 Cute Must Buy Things in Korea

If you are stopping by the Republic of Cuteness (Korea), you better check out this …

November 20, 2012

Korea’s Top 3 Most Absolutely Scariest Places! AHH!

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The word “scary” can mean many things – but scary in …

September 11, 2012

Text in Korean Like a Pro with Korean Texting Slang!

If you’re coming to Korea, you will probably have plenty of opportunity to text in …

August 16, 2012

How Teenage Girls and Boys Rebel in Korea

Rebellion is a part of teenage life anywhere in the world, and everyone has their …

July 31, 2012

The 5 Most Interesting People You’ll See on the Seoul Subway

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Subways in any city have their own stories to tell. And …

July 26, 2012

10 South Korean Athletes to Watch at the 2012 London Olympics

The 2012 Summer Olympics is underway in London, and there’s a few South Korean athletes …

July 12, 2012

25 Reasons Incheon International Airport is the Best Airport in the World

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Incheon International Airport is consistently rated among the best airports in …

June 29, 2012

[Guest Post] 4 Male Kpop Idols 5’6 (171cm) or Shorter

[Guest post written by Syakirah A Malik, Founder, Editor & Writer of soKoreal.com]

When …

June 21, 2012

Do You Text in Korean? Here’s How to Make Your Texts Friendlier

If you’re living in Korea, texting in Korean will become a part of daily life. …

June 14, 2012

Viewer Questions and Comments – Hooray!

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(Used with permission by Dustin Cole, a Seoul-based photographer)

Here we take …

May 28, 2012

8 Must Watch Korea YouTubers with Over 1 Million Views

(Click above image for source: Hyunwoo Sun’s Flickr)

YouTube is a place where pseudo-internet celebrities …

March 15, 2012

5 Romantic Korean Marriage Proposals

(Photo credit: Albert Cheung)

Marriage proposals around the world are getting more and more …